Real Life MMD: Should I pay the fine?



  • rosgrech
    rosgrech Posts: 23 Forumite
    I'm afraid you're going to have to pay up - this time.

    Next time - dump him (he's just a hanger on) and set your alarm!

    All number of lessons learnt here I think. :o
  • If you're old enough to drive then you're old enough to take responsibility for your actions. Pay the fine and dump your "friend"!
  • Gresp
    Gresp Posts: 49
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    Free overnight parking was a perfectly sensible option. The reason you got fined is because you didn't get up in time; so, whose fault was that?

    Morally, whoever's fault it was that you overslept should pay. Or if it was both of you, split it.

    Legally, however, the fine is your responsibility, so you have little choice but to pay it.

    And if you have any cash left, buy an alarm clock.
  • _nate
    _nate Posts: 96
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    Do you need your friend to wake you up in the morning?

    What if you had overslept and been late for work: would this be your friend's fault, too? Would they owe you any docked wages?

    If it matters more to you when you get up than it does to your friend, take the responsibility of arranging to get up on time! Don't moan to your friend about your own failure.
  • Pay the fine.
  • VoucherMan
    VoucherMan Posts: 2,770
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    Should I pay the fine? - yes

    Should I have to pay it all? - Probably not but that depends on the arrangements made with your 'friend'

    By the way how did your 'friend' manage the return journey? Walk? Bus? Train? Hitch-hike?
  • valk_scot
    valk_scot Posts: 5,290
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    Your car, your problem, sorry. Next time don't consult your passenger as to where you park. You're in charge of your car after all.

    But yes, your friend isn't much of a friend, really.
  • you will have to pay..but what a great friend you have there...its your own fault for moving after finding a legal space..things like petrol money and parking fees should be discussed before you agree to take someone with you..if you were happy to pay the parking then you should have stayed in the first for your friend they need to be told that you wont be doing anything with them again!
  • Pay up - it's your car and ultimately you who chose to park on a single yellow and then failed to get up on time.

    Would you expect your friend to split the fine if you'd got caught speeding, or ran a red light, or failed to pay the Congestion charge?

    If they suggested parking down a dark alley and your car got nicked would you expect them to pay for 1/2 a new car?

    If your friend said "Let's jump in the Thames" would you?
  • Surfer
    Surfer Posts: 361 Forumite
    Pay the fine and dump your so called friend. It will be cheaper!
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