Real Life MMD: Should I pay the fine?

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Should I pay the fine?

I recently drove to London with a friend in my car, where we found a pay and display parking spot. I was willing to pay but my friend wasn't so we kept looking. At 11pm, he saw some single yellow lines, where we parked. I was worried about getting a ticket but thought we'd leave early morning before free parking ended. However, we overslept and got a £70 ticket. I offered to split it but he refused, saying it was my car. Should I have to pay it all?
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    If you are the car owner then legally you are responsible for it and so it is your fine. Morally, it would be nice to think that your friend would want to share the expense with you, but you really can't make him do the right thing.
    The only thing that you can do is ensure that you only give lifts to real friends in the future, and point out to anyone who argues with your choice of parking spot that it is your car and your responsibility.
    Why did you leave the Pay and Display spot? Were you unwilling to pay the full fee yourself? Were you and your friend sharing petrol money so you assumed all costs were going to be split?
  • McKneffMcKneff Forumite
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    Pay it and dump your friend, it will be cheaper.
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
  • Simon949Simon949 Forumite
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    Morally no you shouldn't have to pay it all but legally yes you do have to pay it.....friends like that you can do without especially as it was their idea to park there in the first place.
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    Did you discuss splitting parking costs before setting out? Morally he should share the fine with you but if he refuses, you have to pay up.
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    Like those above me, legally...yes.!
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  • I would say that as you got the ticket because you overslept not because there was anything wrong with the spot he picked out for you then no it is not his responsibility to pay half the fine, unless it was his fault you were late leaving.
  • chris-jchris-j Forumite
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    Yes you should have to pay. You were willing to pay for pay and display parking but listened to your cheapskate friend and probably spent a load on fuel to drive around till you found free space.
    You need to stop being so influenced by others and do what you think is right, if friend was not willing to pay for pay and display there is no chance they would consider splitting fine.
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    If a so-called friend had behaved like this with me I would've said "yes, it's my car and I'm driving back alone" and left them to make their own way home - the train journey would've probably cost more than sharing the cost of the fine! Unfortunately, the fine is your responsibility - however the friendship isn't so dump the chump.
  • Get a new friend, doesn't sound like a decent one to have around at all.
  • It is your car and you have full responsibility for it so yes you should pay the fine as you never got up in time.

    I would recommend ditching the cheapskate "friend". :wave:
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