MSE News: Tesco alters 'price check' guarantee to close loophole



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    Just avoid Tesco, I do.;)

    Their petrol is always more than it is in my village garage.

    Every little bit helps Tesco shareholders.:mad:
  • daveyjp
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    Reading this makes me weep.

    Confusion marketing with supermarkets has now come to the point where you need to go on a website full of consumers to try and understand how the latest confusion marketing technique works!

    I've read some of these threads and haven't a clue what they were trying to achieve or how the system worked. All I do know is it's the customer who is paying for these fancy systems to be set up and run.

    We don't shop in Tesco, never will, and this gives us more reason why we will continue to avoid the place.
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    Surely closing the loophole would be Tesco actually doing what they claim in the ad, and making their prices cheaper than their competitors!
    There's a storm coming, Mr Johnson. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you're all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.
  • MillicentBystander
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    Lip_Stick wrote: »
    Surely closing the loophole would be Tesco actually doing what they claim in the ad, and making their prices cheaper than their competitors!

    It's clearly too lucrative for them to do that, though. I would imagine the %tage of Tesco customers who either knew about the guarantee or could be *rsed to input their receipt details would be way less than 10%. So there are potentially 90% of Tesco customers blissfully buying, for example, a bottle of Turner Road wine for £9.99 in Tesco when it could be had for £4.99 in Asda and getting nothing but ripped off. I don't believe for a minute that Asda are losing out at £4.99 so how much are Tesco making? Take the hit from the savvy few who claim the DTD because the vast majority are getting ripped off and doing nothing about it.
  • KimYeovil
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    What 'loophole'?
  • thepearce
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    Every little helps. Exclusions apply - see terms & conditions for full details.

    - There... fixed that for you.
  • MyUtopia_2
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    After watching the T&C change happen and the resulting chaos on the forum I wonder if we (being the moneysaving community) handled it in the best way from a PR perspective.

    What we got out of it...
    - Seriously damaged Tesco's claim to be cheaper than ASDA
    - Made them reverse the £20 cap, then when they realised it had gone to media, reintroduce but with PR spin that 1 in 5000 people were 'not using the system for what it was intended for'.

    Worse being the media seems to have swallowed it.

    What if we'd been on message before the media got involved?

    -Tesco said it was cheaper than ASDA and was so confident of it, that it offered to double any difference on a basket of shopping.
    -This was shown to be ridiculous by Tesco customers (some whom happened to be part of the forum) who found items that were 521% (I'm looking at you Nivea body lotion) more expensive in Tesco than ASDA.
    - If you are so confident that a basket of shopping will be cheaper in your store, how can you 'cry fowl' at customers when they show you that you are as much as 521% more expensive than your competitor? Shouldn't Tesco, as the person making the claim to be cheaper, be lowering their prices to back their claim?

    Would we have got a different response?

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    I enjoyed listening to the Tesco woman put a spin on it earlier today.

    Not once admitting that they got it wrong of course.

    46:45 into the programme if you wish a listen
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    Why is it necessary to use these gimmicks anyway. If Tesco want to be cheaper than Asda surely all they need to do is log on to the Asda website, check their prices and price accordingly!

    They won't do this because Tesco use regional pricing and one price does not fit all stores.
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    KimYeovil wrote: »
    What 'loophole'?

    The loophole where you find something drastically cheaper in ASDA and deliberately buy a lot of it so you get a big refund voucher. The whole point of a "loophole" is it's something you do within the terms and conditions - otherwise it would be called scamming.

    They quite clearly meant this to be a case of buying your weekly shop and then comparing it with ASDA, not deliberate bulk buying to exploit a discrepancy.

    I can guarantee I could find things on offer in Tesco a lot cheaper than ASDA are charging - each supermarket has different offers and they aren't necessarily going to correlate.
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