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Real Life MMD: Should I send the wallpaper back?



  • CLGoggin
    I went to tesco at lunch and, among other things, bought a £10 DVD, which the checkout lady took the tag off but forgot to scan. She then said my shopping came to £12 which was obviously wrong but she didn't notice. If I had walked out and the security people had checked my bag it would have been considered stealing. So it IS stealing. Whether or not you are likely to get caught doesn't change the fact that stealing is NOT OK. I simply said to her that she needed to scan the DVD and I paid the right amount. She seemed genuinely surprised that I pointed it out - is that how untrustworthy our society has become?!?! If you let them know and they don't do anything about it in the timeframe you say (suggest 6 months) then you've done what you can and it would be ok to keep it. Before that, the dilema is really whether or not you want to be a thief.
  • A.Jones
    A.Jones Posts: 508 Forumite
    I assume the invoice included with the delivery said five rolls. If so, the company would be hard pushed to prove that they had delivered more than that. You ordered five, you paid for five, you signed for five.

    They would have trouble trying to force you to pay for more. Your contract is with the store, not the supplier. So the supplier cannot charge you more anyway, since they do not have your payent details. And if they did try to, then you could prove you ordered five and received five.

    Morally you might want to tell them, or you might not. Legally, I doubt they could do a thing.

    It's no different to tesco delivering a bag of someone else's shopping by mistake with your order. Once they've delivered it, and the other person has complained (and got a refund from tesco for the missing items), tesco cannot prove where they delivered it to.
  • anastasia123_2
    What is the dilemma here? If you are an honest person you will contact them, if you are dishonest and prepared to steal you won't. Only you can answer that!
  • debtfreewannabe321
    A similar thing happened to us last summer we ordered paving slabs from a well known DIY shop and they brought me double the amount!!! I immediately pointed it out to the driver, and he said to keep it :eek: I called the DIY shop they said the same?!

    The thing is I only needed a hundred or so and I had 200! I ended up giving them all away and using them to stack up and put plant pots on lol....if it were wall paper i'd do my room first just in case i had fallen short :cool: and then call them!
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  • [Deleted User]
    Decorate the rest of your house with them. BUT - and this is the clever bit - hang the paper back to front so the pattern is stuck to the wall. That way, if anyone ever comes to check, they'll never know you used them!

    Hey presto - problem solved! And you're welcome.
  • loopy_lew
    I disagree. I've seen a lot of comments on here stating stealing is stealing.

    Is stealing from a big store whove made the mistake themselves the same as stealing form the average joe bloggs.

    I dont beleive some of the poeple on here who said they would send them back. If it were £600+ cash, would you send that back? I know i wouldnt. If it were my best friends £600 then i would give it back straight away.
  • minicooper272
    Personally, I'd tell them. The fact you're considering this as a moral dilemma suggests you will feel guilty if you sell it on. Contact them, explain the mistake and I'm sure they will arrange for collection. If you are lucky and they are a grateful company, they may even give you vouchers or reimburse you something towards your purchase.
  • bea1
    bea1 Posts: 7 Forumite
    no dilema at all, it's theft if you keep them. phone or email to let them know they can come and collect them at your convenience.
  • jgriggle
    jgriggle Posts: 165 Forumite
    Somebody, somewhere made a mistake. We all do it from time to time. Returning them could be the difference between that person losing their job (or having the value of the wallpaper taken out of their wages), or just getting a ticking off.

    Do the right thing and email them and tell them to come and collect them.
  • bea1
    bea1 Posts: 7 Forumite
    Ultimately you are stealing from the average Joe if you keep them as the loss of stock means prices will increase at that store to cover the loss and maybe some poor average Joe will loose his job over such a huge error...yep, stealing IS stealing
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