Real Life MMD: Should I send the wallpaper back?

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Should I send the wallpaper back?
I ordered 5 rolls of wallpaper online, £14 each, from a well known store, who informed me it was a 'direct from manufacturer' item. However, the manufacturer has delivered 45 rolls - £630 worth! - by mistake. As far as the store and manufacturer are concerned, my order is completed. Both invoices have the same customer number on them, and obviously my details too. The dilemma is, do I keep quiet, use what I need, and flog the rest? Or come clean and send the extra 40 rolls back?
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  • ClaireBetteridge
    Email them, if you can, telling them of whats happened, at least that way if they sau you can keep them, or that you have to send them back at least you're covered
    Married in 2011. [STRIKE]buying[/STRIKE] bought our first house 2014 :beer::beer: :j
  • reformedEffortmaker
    definitely contact them and let them know.....otherwise surely that would be theft?
  • AuntyVi
    Keeping it without saying anything would be dishonest (not sure where the dilemma is in that?). But don't send it back at your own expense, it's their mistake so let them know what has happened and they can either collect it themselves, or may tell you to keep it in which case you can sell it with a clear conscience.
  • darkwarrior
    Keep it but don't do anything with it for a while to make sure they don't come looking for you. Its their fault not yours.
  • joemac5367
    This is not a moral dilemma.

    It boils down to if you have an opportunity to profit by stealing with little chance of being caught, would you.

    What next? If a shopkeeper went out the back to check stock for you and you could nip off with the contents of his till, how would you deal with that 'moral' dilemma? After all the idiot 'gave' you the opportunity by leaving you alone. :D

    Seeing my best mate's wife behind his back is a moral dilemma. Nicking is nicking!
  • gravitytolls
    gravitytolls Posts: 13,558 Forumite
    I'd probably do the rest of the house with it, then stick posh pics on facebook.
    I ave a dodgy H, so sometimes I will sound dead common, on occasion dead stupid and rarely, pig ignorant. Sometimes I may be these things, but I will always blame it on my dodgy H.

    Sorry, I'm a bit of a grumble weed today, no offence intended ... well it might be, but I'll be sorry.
  • wrafter2
    contact them and ask them to collect asap
  • snootyjim
    Yeah, that is a bit of a dilemma. To nick, or not to nick.

    If we were talking a couple of quid, and it would cost more in wasted time and collection for the firm than to just leave it, then this would be a fair 'dilemma'. As is, they've just lost several hundred pounds worth of stock, and someone will be getting the sack in the morning.
  • jenniewb
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    Morally? give it back! I'd give it back (though at their expense) because it would mean I felt better about myself. I'd also worry I'd get my come back (karma) though know thats not the ethos of karma (its not supposed to bring about fear to do the right thing!) but it would be what influences me.

    I'd be worried the company would find out and hold a gripe against me, could act against me in the future so in this instance its very easy. Call/email them to let them know, explain if they want it back they need to collect it themselves at a time which is suitable with me. (Normally after 11pm each day/night).:rotfl:
  • pennypinchUK
    No dilemma.

    You contact the store, tell them there's been a mistake and invite them or the manufacturer to collect the 40 rolls. Isn't it just common decency to do that?

    If they don't collect them after you've made reasonable efforts to advise them of the mistake then you can flog them.
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