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Real Life MMD: Should I send the wallpaper back?



  • mr-tom_2
    mr-tom_2 Posts: 131 Forumite
    Inform them in writing (keep a copy of the letter and let them know that they have x weeks to collect as you are not prepared to store it for longer than that on their behalf.

    If they don't come to take it, dispose of it in the manner of your choice.
  • Tiptaker
    So you are asking us to sanction theft?
  • yorkshireman99_2
    Tell them what has happened and let them collect it if they wish.
  • andygh
    Where's the dilemma? Keep it. I'll nick anything me:cool:
  • Stuntki
    You should definitely contact the store and ask them to collect them. It is up to them what they do then but do not return them at your expense.
  • Susan_Frost
    Tell them and get them to pick it up. It does not belong to you.

    What on earth would you do with it anyway - all your mates decorate their homes the same as yours?
  • pineapple
    pineapple Posts: 6,931 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Post First Anniversary
    No dilemma for me - tell them.
    In any case sometimes these mistakes are discovered long after the event.
    Not sure about the legal situation but surely the moral situation is clear.
  • florabell
    I've been in a similar situation. If my memory serves me right I think you have to contact the store and advise them of their mistake, and then they have 6 months to collect them after which I think they become yours. However, don't take my word for it - I've soup for brains at the moment! Check with citizens advice - they'll tell you the rights and wrongs of the situation.
    "Never put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today, because if you like doing it today, you can do it again tomorrow".

    Someone famous said this, but I can't remember who!
  • scoobydoobydoo
    You need to inform the person you have the contract with, that is the retailer, of the mistake. They must then arrange for it to be collected and you must make sure that it is available for collection by them. If they tell you to keep them then its up to them, but you are not allowed to profit from a genuine error.
    If they allow you to keep them (unlikely I am afraid as the supplier will charge them for what was delivered ie:45 rolls) or dont collect them withint a reasonable amount of time (months rather than days) then thats fine and up to them but you *must* show that you have made reasonable effort to get the mistake rectified.
  • nhampson
    nhampson Posts: 133 Forumite
    If they had accidentally charged your credit card for 45 rolls and you hadn't noticed would you expect them to contact you if they did?

    How would you feel if someone lost their job over suspected theft for this error?

    Why does decency and honesty seem to go out the window when talking about a "win" over faceless businesses? Funny how people will rant over the smallest thing (often when its just an error) should it leave them out of pocket yet rejoice to all when the reverse occurs.
    Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one.
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