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Real Life MMD: Should I send the wallpaper back?



  • cathsuth
    This is not even a dilemma - you need to inform the company of the mistake, otherwise it's stealing.
  • SadBunny
    bylromarha wrote: »
    "Oh well, consider it a wedding present to your friend from Tesco..." Tesco ended up paying my friend to have the alcohol at the wedding!!!!!!
    Glad I'm not a Tesco shareholder!
    Wonder how often this type of thing happens - consequence must be higher prices for our groceries.
  • Sopheline
    You have the space in your house to happily store 40 rolls of wallpaper?! I'd be begging them to take the surplus off my hands!
  • hamzramz
    Contact them of their mistake. If they still insist its yours then I guess you can keep the extra wallpaper with a clear conscience, at least you tried to return it to them, but they didn't want to know!
  • silverswan
    My dilemma would be where to store 40 rolls of the stuff! Would you really want to keep it? Let the store know what's happened and ask them to collect it. Mistakes happen all the time, and, as other posters have pointed out, if the boot was on the other foot surely you'd be quick to point out that you'd been short-changed. Do the decent thing and you'll feel good about yourself.
  • lizbec
    lizbec Posts: 34 Forumite
    What the hell do you want 40+ rolls of wallpaper for??!!
  • JoannaS_3
    I'm a it bored of these so called 'Dilemmas'.

    The fact that you are asking the question means you know it would be wrong to keep the wall paper.

    Like someone else said, you'd be quick to act if you had been charged for those extra rolls so why should it be any different now?!

    Keep the ones you have paid for and get in touch with the company telling them they made a mistake and ask them to collect the extra rolls, if they tell you to keep them then great but you should do the honest thing and give them the option.

    Treat other's as you would like to be treated....would you like to be stolen from? Probably not so don't treat others that way be it a big company, small company a stranger or family member.....remember what goes around comes around...normally when you least expect it!!
    Debt owed £4000, Saved (to pay back) £300, only £3,700 to go!!

    My best money saving tip: Good manners cost NOTHING! So please be nice to each other! :happylove
  • Pellyman
    "To steal or not to steal, that is a dilemma?"

    YOU don't have to send it back, but you do have to let them know of their error and ask THEM to arrange collection, at no inconvenience to yourself.

    Job done.
  • JoannaS_3
    nhampson wrote: »
    If they had accidentally charged your credit card for 45 rolls and you hadn't noticed would you expect them to contact you if they did?

    How would you feel if someone lost their job over suspected theft for this error?

    Why does decency and honesty seem to go out the window when talking about a "win" over faceless businesses? Funny how people will rant over the smallest thing (often when its just an error) should it leave them out of pocket yet rejoice to all when the reverse occurs.

    At least there are a few honest people left in the world! Becuse it's a business people seem to think stealing from them means less then stealing from an individual! Like you said, no dilemma really!
    Debt owed £4000, Saved (to pay back) £300, only £3,700 to go!!

    My best money saving tip: Good manners cost NOTHING! So please be nice to each other! :happylove
  • tryfive
    First and foremost - you're under no obligation to call and let them know what's happened.

    If they contact you and ask for them back thats one thing. If they subsequently contact you and demand payment for them, it's legally called an unsolicited gift, and you're fully entitled to keep them (it's called "inertia selling" - a well known scam)

    If you don't get any contact for some time (say 3 months), again you are free consider them an unsolicited gift.

    I notice that a lot of people above have claimed that keeping them would constitute theft.

    IT IS NOT "THEFT". IT IS NOT "STEALING" - the law is actually quite straightforward on the concept of theft, though it seems most people here are getting very confused between their own, personal, ideology of what theft entails, and what the reality is! I would suggest anyone yelling "thief!" here should first go look up what the defintiion of theft actually is before posting!
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