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Real Life MMD: Should I send the wallpaper back?



  • justruth
    justruth Posts: 770 Forumite
    Okay, so legally it's probably fairly safe to do nothing; but many on here would argue the morality of doing nothing. It's human to want to keep the wallpaper that's been sent to you incorrectly, there's nothing wrong with that, but it would appear that by inviting a forum response such as this you were probably looking for someone to push you in the 'right' direction.

    I sincerely doubt that any company is going to go bankrupt if you keep your mouth shut, but realistically, if you wanted 45 rolls of the paper you would have ordered it! I would like to think that in your situation, I would advise give them a call, or send an email, but I don't really know your situation well enough to predict that. You don't have to go out your way to be a saint, ensuring you get no more than you're due, but just be open and see what happens.

    I won't judge you if you choose to keep it and say nothing, I just think that you might feel better about keeping the goods, if you've given the company fair chance to recover it.
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  • BFem
    BFem Posts: 147 Forumite
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    nhampson wrote: »
    If they had accidentally charged your credit card for 45 rolls and you hadn't noticed would you expect them to contact you if they did?

    How would you feel if someone lost their job over suspected theft for this error?

    Why does decency and honesty seem to go out the window when talking about a "win" over faceless businesses? Funny how people will rant over the smallest thing (often when its just an error) should it leave them out of pocket yet rejoice to all when the reverse occurs.

    This is a good point, the business would most certainly NOT contact you if they had charged you for 45 rolls.....in fact, you'd probably have to ring an expensive number contacting them and then wait a few days for the money to go back into your account!
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  • Gingerjar
    Send it back/let them know otherwise you will be a thief.

    Why do you even have to ask this question?
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  • hmac_3
    Firstly ask the question, what are you really going to do with 45 rolls of wallpaper? Even if you sold these on E-bay it would be a hassle and a pain in the neck to post. Just think from human-to-human someone somewhere has made an error and rightly it will be corrected if you send them back - whose ever fault it is will learn from their mistake and will always remember you for doing the right thing by them, regardless of whether you meet this person or not.
  • *Louise*
    *Louise* Posts: 9,197 Forumite
    I can't believe this question actually needs to be asked

    I would contact the company and tell them about their error then let them take it from there.

    I wouldn't become a thief just over a few rolls of wallpaper - I prefer to sleep with a clear conscience.
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  • iainr1
    If you do not return the un-ordered goods you are guilty of theft. Anyone buying these items may be guilty of reciving stolen goods. Plain and simple. Just because someone has made a mistake does not mean you have the right to treat hem as your own. You should contact the supplier and request they come and collect the extra items. If they choose not to then and confirm that in wrirtng then you are free to dispose of the items if you wish.
  • Spuggy37
    What I don't understand is how the delivery even got past the front door? Someone must have had to be around to accept the goods and surely when the rolls kept coming that would have been the time to let them know of the mistake. It's not like it was only a couple extra rolls which weren't noticeable so this suggest it was perhaps at the back of your mind you could profit from the mistake when accepting all the rolls. Still theft though if you keep them and it would have saved the hassle of having to get them collected if you'd mentioned it at the start.
  • carlyjane_x
    This is not stealing as people have said!! It is their mistake and more than likely the person that made that mistake is in for a massive b******ing when it is dicovered - it will be found out and they will more than likely get in touch and ask you to return the goods - its a moral dilemma not a legal one!
  • kryssykk
    What on earth would you do with so much paper?
    Write or phone the company explain the problem and ask them to collect. Do not fall for returning at your own expense. If the company are grateful they may even refund the cost of your purchase as a small reward for your honesty.
  • loopy_lew
    Give a roll to every kid you see, they can use it as scrap paper. Either that or hit someone over the head with it.
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