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Real Life MMD: Should I send the wallpaper back?



  • fullerton_2
    Realistically you are not going to make more than £200 if you sell them. bearing in mind that you only needed five, then the chances of finding anyone who will take the lot seem limited. why even bother? let them know and tell them you want them gone quickly, if they tell you you can keep them, then start worrying about what to do with them.

    That said, when i was a student i went to a chinese restaurant with three friends and kept quiet when the waiters some how managed to bring all the food from a wedding banquet to our table. it was only when they brought an enourmous stuffed fish over and started having to pull over tables over to store the food that we could no longer keep straight faces and gave the game away.

    but do as i say, not as i do.
  • A.Jones
    A.Jones Posts: 508 Forumite
    DD13 wrote: »
    Contact the company to arrange collection.

    Another consideration is that the person at the warehouse that is responsible for the error may lose their job...... if the situation was reversed, what would you want the customer to do?

    The company may not know who is repsonsible at the next stock take and so not take any disciplinary action against anyone. However, if you tell them of the error and the order number, then they can check who packed the order. So by informing them, they can find the person that made the mistake.
  • abjem21
    abjem21 Posts: 111 Forumite
    No dilemma, send an email to both the retailer and the supplier asking which of them is going to come and collect the excess goods.
    You could state a reasonable time frame for them to do this, then if neither bother you can prove you tried !
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    But there ARE TWO I'S IN COMMISSION and I dont get paid "Team"
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  • Primrose
    Primrose Posts: 10,636 Forumite
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    Well, let's put it this way. If your other half worked for that company, it was losing money and the loss of that profit was the final straw that put the company into administrations, you'd be feeling pretty raw, wouldn't you? Of course you have no right to it. Contact them, tell them surplus product was delivered and ask them to come and collect it. You shouldn't have to foot the bill for returning product surplus to your order, but you do have a moral responsibility to make the company aware of their mistake and give them the opportunity to put it right.
  • skid112
    skid112 Posts: 373 Forumite
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    I ordered 12 wine glasses from a well known department store. They turned up on the due date in three seperate packs as they were in sets of four, but every single one was broken due to bad packaging. I complained and they came back to collect them and delivered three more seperate boxes. These were enormous boxes and I thought they were taking the michael on the packaging, but inside were 6 sets of 3 in every box. So i sent email again asking them to come collect the extras. They replied saying they would arrange it shortly. Three years ago..........
    anyone want some glasses?
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  • happyinflorida
    Legally I think you have to tell them of their error but if they do nothing about it, it's yours. If you don't tell them and they later discover their error, I think they can legally charge you the extra due, which I'm sure you don't want to happen. It's the honest thing to do to.
  • wba31
    wba31 Posts: 2,189 Forumite
    I'm so annoyed, i really need 40 rolls of a particular wallpaper for my large property, and the company im ordering from have misplaced 40 rolls and it's now out of production...

    i really dont care what the law says on this issue, if it were me i'd contact the company and give them the chance to come collect. whether's it's theft or not, whatever happened to moral decency?

    As for selling it on Ebay - you really have that much spare time? I've never considered Ebay for wallpaper, usually the places that spring to mind are B&Q or Homebase. In can't imagine 40 rolls of wallpaper selling all that quickly on Ebay, so I doubt eventual profit will overshadow the time and effort...
  • gummygran
    Contact the supplier ASAP and inform them.It will come to light eventually ,and presuming you had to sign for the delivery,you would be held liable.It could be classed as theft,after all the size of the parcel must have told you the amount was wrong.Ask them to collect it,don't bear the cost yourself.
  • Brian_Steele
    If the shop thinks there is nothing wrong, then the error has clearly come from the direct supplier. Contact them without a doubt, to tell them of their mistake and give them a reasonable opportunity to recover the rolls at their expense - it may involve sending you reply paid packaging and its not unreasonable to he helpful, as it will have been a genuine mistake.

    If they don't care or never respond, then by all means keep the goods and save them or sell them on, but from a legal point of view, you should write to them again saying that you intend to dispose of them on a certain date unless they resolve the situation in the meantime.
  • ChrisJH
    Contact the provider and inform them of the error, advise them to arrange collection and if not collected after a reasonable period (2weeks) inform them that you will charge them storage at a daily rate.
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