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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • l.m.hart wrote: »
    no not at all, i remember seeing on here that spending out on lots of bargains is called spaving, you mentioned you bought lots lol


    ahhh i see!!! phew i had a panic!! havent been keeping such a strong track on everything this month so just catching up!

    so i have been spaving then hehe!! yeah i am going to buy some more tomorrow then going to work out how many rolls we actually use a month
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  • Sue14Sue14 Forumite
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    Another £1.35 spent on milk at the convenience store on Tuesday, then £18.49 in A1di yesterday. Only went out shopping yesterday because I thought I'd run out of bananas, and needed some to take to work, then I got home and went to put the bananas in the fruit bowl, and found 2 already hanging from the banana hanger bit! I was convinced I'd taken the last one to work on Tuesday, but obviously not. I was really annoyed when I realised, as the rest of the shopping could have waited until at least the weekend, and I wouldn't have had to go out at all if I'd known!:mad:
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  • Popped into Mr. T's at lunchtime and picked up yoghurt, milk, butter salad (whoopsied) and whoopsied peppers too which weren't on my list.

    £5.66 to add to the total. Off to update my sig.

    And that £5.66 has pushed me almost to my target, but I'm going to try hard to not go completely off the rails!
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  • never_too_oldnever_too_old Forumite
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    minnie2 wrote: »
    ahhh i see!!! phew i had a panic!! havent been keeping such a strong track on everything this month so just catching up!

    so i have been spaving then hehe!! yeah i am going to buy some more tomorrow then going to work out how many rolls we actually use a month

    dont forget your coupon:D
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    Billie-joBillie-jo Forumite
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    cant believe have posted 3 times and lost it. Here we go again.....

    £12.61 spent since last update £7.99 of this was on a sack of potatoes. They have risen in price by around £2 but have to say they do look like better spuds.

    Have just done a meal plan for next 8 days. Was going shopping this morning and baking this afternoon but grand daughter was off school so we looked after her while her mum could go to work. So now shopping and baking should be tomorrow - well shopping is deffinate but baking may now be Saturday.

    Sent some flowers through Interf1ora as a friend is quite poorly and the lady in the shop said there was an extra £5 on the cost as it was Valentines week :mad: So wanted to tell her to shove them but my friend is going into hospital on tues for a serious op and flowers are not allowed on the ward. Really want her to get them before so I gritted my teeth and paid up although did tell the florist what I thought of it.

    Will update tomorrow after Te$co had taken some money off me.:o
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  • NickJWNickJW Forumite
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    I don't know what's wrong with me, but as soon as I think/physically type that I WON'T need anything, I feel the urge to go to the shops........!!!:mad:

    Anyway - £7.36 spent in Superdr*g - hair wax, ibuprofen and mouthwash. All things on offer which I had ran out off, and bought 2 of each (BOGOFS) so not bad I suppose.

    Then £1.15 in Mr T (snacks for the train back to my parents tomorrow in the reductions aisle, which would be cheaper than buying at the station, since I don't have anything in the fridge at the moment...)

    Never again will I type 'I don't need anything else'! Someone upstairs has it in for me and flicks on the naughty switch when I say that! :rotfl:
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  • Hi all :wave:

    Just updated my sig - was working in my voluntary job today and felt hungry at lunchtime so bought a sandwich. :eek: A bit cross with myself as I usually take my own but overslept a bit today and didn't have time. Next week I will make my lunch the night before.

    Otherwise haven't done a big shop yet - but will need to soon.
    Have read that L*dl have special offers at the weekend so might go on Saturday.

    Yay - I have got 2 shifts this weekend - I am a Nurse and work for an agency. I try to work at the weekends but it is a bit hit and miss whether I get offered shifts so am very pleased as I need the dosh. Don't we all :D

    Keep up the good work everyone :)
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    mummyjanemummyjane Forumite
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    Had a NSD today :j hoping to have another one tomorrow. Cupboards, fridge and freezer fit to burst so I think I'm on track.

    Just realised I haven't taken two veg boxes off my total :eek: another £36.75, oh well, thought I was doing too well :o
    On the plus side, we haven't eaten so well in years and I am remembering to freeze any veg we aren't going to use up in time ;)
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  • NSD yesterday and again today-apart from buying dd a tv for her birthday on Sat which is not incuded. Ran out of lunch things in general but grabbed a pack of crackers from the cupboard and a pot of cottage cheese and some cuppasoups for lunch-I only have half an hour(my choice)so it needs to be quick food. Thought of popping out for a cake but resisted. My toiletries genrally no cost as I use my Avon earnings to cover them-also to cover some of the girlie presents. Used up some of my vouchers from work at Xmas on clothes in the Sale at work so nothing spent there either. Lots of work for the next few weeks so little time to shop-it will make up for dds birthday!
    Yes-all the bills restart in April of course with the council tax.Got MOT next week and bought new tyres this week but it has to be done!
    Ive included petrol in my total so Im happy with things so far.
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  • Finally caught up with topic I was a fair way back, hope all that where ill are starting to feel better

    A few NSD's this week for me which been great, I've just done Asda order which I have worked out and hope to last rest of the month (will update sig when that gets here on sat and I know total)

    I have done food plan for rest of the month and we have a lot in already so hope to come in under budget. Thou will have to top up milk, baby milk and veg 3rd week of month but will have a nose round local market 1st before go sm and see what prices are like as never been to the market before.

    Will bake some treats for OH's lunch so will save on buying them, they sure add to the bill

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