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  • mwhitt
    mwhitt Posts: 52 Forumite
    end of last year my fathers decoder started playing up & sky wanted 80 to come & have a look, i rung them up on his behalf ( pretending to be him) saying i was going to cancel as i wasnt going to pay for something i couldnt see , they soon caved in & came round a couple of days later for £25, also got him the extra movie channels a few months ago for free,& back in june there were lots of offer cards around for half price sky for 6 months to ex subscribers i never got one even though i cancelled mine last year but pretended i did & now have all channels for £20 until xmas ;D ,still nothing worth watching though thats why im here :(

  • Does this work if you have Sky+. Has anyone tried????
  • rushnowt
    rushnowt Posts: 24,749 Forumite
    Hiya Smashie,

    yea i have sky + and extra digi box in kids room, only got sky+ in feb when the last £99 offer was on so i didnt think i stood a chance but gave them a !!!!!! and bull story and they offered me half price free for 3 months no problem.

    give it a go and good luck ;)
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    ya still freezing :p

  • I know this is all about getting something back from Sky but here is some info on freeview availability. I have just checked on the BBC website and if you have a Sky system and you cancel your subscription you will still get the freeview channels with your existing Sky box. Before freeview really got going Sky would issue those customers that canceled a "BBC card" as they called it but now they let you keep your original viewing card to get access to the channels. So if you already have a Sky system dont worry about waiting for freeview to come to your area and then getting a new freeview box as you can already get it with your existing system. It appears that for some reason (probably money !!!) the commercial channels ITV1, 2, cannel 4 and 5 can only be received if you have a subscription however most of these can alredy be received via the existing analog signal.
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  • Webbozen
    Webbozen Posts: 59 Forumite
    :D:D:D It is a big YES to saving when you ring Sky. I told them that as off work sick and not getting paid (which is true) then due to financial constraints could not afford to spend £40+ a month for full package and wanted to cancel or cut down.
    There was no hesitation on their part on offering me half price package for 3 months saving me £60 like all the others posting here.
    :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
    I actually saved even more than that because I used the Alternative Say No to 0870 numbers and got put through on a local call rate. Thanks to all on here. :D :-
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  • Hi Webbozen,

    can you post the local rate Sky number on here so others can make use of it.


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  • What an excellent post........
    I cancelled last month because they kept raising the price over a period of time. I was paying £41 month. I wasn't offered any discounts. .

    I was going to by a Freeview box :-/ with the saving I made after one month :) however I still have over 100 channels (not quality TV but hey!) plus radio, ;D

    Just remove your sky card and see what your left with.

    Is there a Sky - Freeview comparison anywhere I can look at?
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  • milsna
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    I get the full package for £41.00 and have only had it a couple of months!! would it work for me? Also don't you think they would be getting a bit suss because the number of people that have answered on here to the amount of people that have read this thread is a LOT of people....should I chance it??????
    Sarah x
  • Hi,

    We cancelled our Sky 6 weeks ago and they contacted us the other day and offered us 6 months half price, no ties and we can cancel again anytime we want. so we took it ;D
    we are on the basic package so its only £9 a month..
  • US4
    US4 Posts: 84 Forumite
    Cancelled our Sky over 2yrs ago, but are now interested in coming back, got an offer back in Jun/Jul re 1/2price for 6mths or so, but have binned the offer letter, called Sky to reregister, but they wouldn't do any deals just £41 for the full package.

    Anyone still got the offer code ?
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