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  • Thanks ARB78,

    Just rang up to 'cancel' me 19.50 package and now got full lot for 20.50 for 3 months. I happy.
    Am i here to save money or spend money......hmmmmm
  • plumpmouse
    plumpmouse Posts: 1,138 Forumite
    Husband rang this afternoon. Told a very nice man called Mark that we were fed up watching repeats etc and he upgraded us to the full pack for £20.50 for the next three months.

    Thanks for the tip
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  • Suzz_2
    Suzz_2 Posts: 154 Forumite
    i've just come to the end of a 3-month full package for £20 deal, after getting a card through the door.

    Wonder if this will work for me ?  :-/ ???
    Worth a try as I was going to downgrage to the lowest / cancel anyway.  It's very expensive for the full package and even the family pack is getting dear.  As soon as I get freeview in my area, I'll be away..

    PS I wouldn't worry if they actually let you cancel, without offering you a deal, you can always call them back up and reinstate it.
  • barjam_2
    barjam_2 Posts: 1,667 Forumite
    ,y brother in law rang and got the £6 off for 3 months my hubby rang up they wouldnt even give him that! after a quick discussion with me we decided right then!! we will cancel and as you say its when they put you through to the department that cancels they offer you , we were on family pack £19.50 now on full pack for £20 for 3 months yippee could have done with this at the start of the summer hols never mind we got it now
    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  • Lucie_2
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    I just got a new digibox off Sky for free by threatening to cancel. The old one kept switching itself off but was out of warranty, so I just told them I was fed up with all the hassle...programmes are rubbish anyway..blah blah blah & I wanted to cancel. They very quickly offered me a FOC engineer visit to sort it all out & a new box. Saved at least £65 (standard engineer call out fee)

    Try it with your mobile phone provider too - a friend threatened to cancel at the end of his contract & has now got a brand new phone FOC & a much better tariff.
  • gaggyball
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    Nice one for this! :)

    I have just come to the end of an offer for sky movies and sports and when I phoned them last night to cancel they first tried to get me to have a cheaper package.

    I stuck to my guns saying I wanted to cancel completely and they quickly offered me the full package for another 3 months at half price!
  • Just Got it done, cheers
  • Raggie
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    worked fo us too..

    just kept insisting we were going to get a freeview box.

    Sky costs just too much.. staright thorugh to cancellations.. and bang.. full package £20.. for 3 months..

    cheers for that
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  • My husband just called to say we couldnt afford it and the lady said that the only thing she could suggest is that we downgrade the package.  No luck for us Im afraid  :'(

    Just called back and tried our luck again this time we received the full package for 3 months!! :D ;D
  • plumpmouse
    plumpmouse Posts: 1,138 Forumite
    Carlachloe it may be because you simply said you couldn't afford it. Why not try again by saying you are cancelling in favour of freeview and see if they do anything then
    Give me the boy until he's seven and i'll give you the man.
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