Great 'Christmas cupboard fillers' Hunt

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Great 'Christmas cupboard fillers' Hunt

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Great 'Christmas cupboard fillers' Hunt

It's not too early to start planning for Christmas 2011. In fact, the January sales are the cheapest time to buy many Christmas items. So we want to tap experienced Jan-mas bargain-baggers for their best ideas of what to be putting in the Christmas cupboard now to keep December costs down.

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  • nat21luvnat21luv Forumite
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    I've justbeen to Tesco and stumbled across wrapping paper, tags and bows between 12p-50p. I bought a pack of wrapping stuff(4xpaper, 6bows and ribbon) that was £5 now 75p :D and the best bit? its still on 3 for 2 on selected items!!
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    YorkielassYorkielass Forumite
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    This Christmas I used mincemeat and Christmas puddings bought after Christmas last year or possibly the year before, all really cheap, kept fine and a couple of less things to buy this year.
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    Claire_BearClaire_Bear Forumite
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    Yep, last year I bought loads of jars of Mr S posh mincemeat reduced to 10p per jar, it doesn't go out of date for about 3 or 4 years I think! I always buy gift wrap/ribbons/cards etc in the sales and put away til next year, good to write a list of what you bought though so you don't get the same again. Reduced toiletries gift sets from Boots, Superdrug etc are good to buy and use in hampers next year, lots of small stocking filler gifts go down to a couple of pounds so worth putting aside. Even good to stock up on things like this to use for birthdays throughout the year as well.
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  • esmf73esmf73 Forumite
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    This year so far I have got wrapping paper, cards, crackers, lights, baubles and a couple of presents for teenagers. Have also got all the things I need to make the majority of next years with. Always like to buy in the sales as long as it doesn't go off. Got some goose fat for the roasties as well. Will be looking out for the cheap mincemeat as it comes down in price!

    Cheapest thing though has to be the christmas cake - didn't even get it out of the freezer!!
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  • icelandic_queenicelandic_queen Forumite
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    I bought some chocolates and mince pies yesterday to keep for Christmas 2011 as they had a really long best before date. Unfortunately I've already ate 2 of the mince pies!!! But got my pudding, brandy sauce, crackers and biscuits in the sales in Jan 2010 for Christmas past, which was good as money was really tight!
  • I got three packs of christmas cards from asda for 3p each :j
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    cyclingyorkiecyclingyorkie Forumite
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    edited 7 January 2011 at 5:09PM
    crackers, wrapping paper and christmas puddings - best before date is in 2013! Should be nicely matured by Christmas 2011!

    Am off into town today - will continue looking.

    I get a lot for my daughters through Boots no 7 vouchers - they're already doing them this year! I think you only have to spend £5 to get a £5 off voucher - so I will be stocking up on bits of makeup
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  • dipashahdipashah Forumite
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    Argos have a jewellery roll reduced from £9.99 to £1.99

    It is available in black or cream


    available at this price until 21st Jan

    cream: http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/2612960/Trail/searchtext>JEWELLERY+ROLL.htm

    available at this price until 11th Jan

    Will make great pressie for anytime of yr! Off to collect mine later today!:j
  • Two 10m rolls of wrapping paper for 10p each at Asda :) When I get time I'm going to check out the card shops for nice cheap xmas cards
  • gailey_2gailey_2 Forumite
    2.3K posts
    Think it was card market or card warehouse brought

    10rolls wrapping paper for quid so 10p a roll.
    cards were 50p a pack so got enough for adults and everyone in daughters class next year spent total of 4quid but would love to find some cheap bows, ribbon and foil wrappping paper will keep looking.

    cut up this years cards and made tags:D

    2years ago brought load of xmas decorations in house of fraser closing down sale in july.
    So half our tree looked nice but the cheap wilko decorations not fared well so pledged to look in sales for new ones.

    Bingo-monsoon accessorize have whopping 70percent off their decorations that were 4quid, 3.75 and 3.50 per decoration.
    They quality, quite heavy, handcrafted, some glittert really nice worked out at 1.05, 1,12 and 1.20 per dec brought 15 for about 16quid fullprice would have been 60quid:eek:.
    Thourght hubby be mad but hes surprisingly happy.

    whsmith have fab book sale but bit skint now.

    got co-op savings card if you save 48pounds and spend in dec they will give you free 2pounds.:D

    Havent really had chance to do boots they not seem to have done as much this year.

    Will continue to make some hm stuff throughout year so got lots of pressies well thats the plan.
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