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  • Hi mercman1969,

    Could you forward on the email in question to the email address here with WRT135 FAO Heidi in the subject. I don't appear to have received it.

    Once I have that, we can look at resolving your issues.

    Many thanks,

    Web Relations Team
    Vodafone UK


    If you supply me with the data you require i shall send it again but from my work email

    Hope to hear from you shortly and this matter can be resolved
  • Heidi, thanks for your prompt response, but it would appear that mentioning the ombudsman in my last email had the desired effect. I received a response today and, while it stopped short of actually accepting that Vodafone were in any way responsible, they have agreed to refund all the data charges I'd racked up.

    They also mentioned that they value me as a customer and that they're looking forward to a long term association with me, but I fear that this may be a little too much to ask...
  • Hi mercman1969,

    If you could send a reply to my previous email, I will chase this up for you today.

    Hi Holz2112,

    I am sorry to hear that you weren't fully informed about the allowance on your price plan when taking the contract.

    So that I can help with this, can you drop me an email to the address here with WRT135 FAO Heidi in the subject and include a link to this thread.

    Hi Woody's Girl,

    If you send me an email via the details above, I can also look into this for you in more detail.

    Many thanks,

    Web Relations Team
    Vodafone UK

    Heidi, i e-mailed as requested - not received any response yet.....
  • I have just had a lengthy conversation for a bout the tenth time this year with vodafone. Essentially it has gone along the lines of this; earlier in the year I had massive problems regarding a faulty handset, not being replaced after being supposedly "fixed" , eventually I got a replacement (Albeit second hand) handset. I then had issue with increased call charges these complaints were dismissed so quickly, as a customer I had not a leg to stand on. I then added a data package in aug which cost £10 a month for 25meg a day whilst in France, suffice to say I was over charged by a massive amount, inundated with texts saying I had exceeded my daily 5 meg allowance! And so on. I finally ring them today, to complain about the data and also the new call price and plan increase. I quote there t and c's telling them that I will be out of pocket, maybe not next month, but over the next 12 definitely. Yet again theyre attitude is "well your with us' what can you do?" so I ask how much to cancel? Bearing in mind I left O2 early ( only because of coverage in my new home and paid in full) the answer was simple, pay rest of balance and then £240 to cancel! I am outraged, why so much? Surely if I just want to cut my losses it will save them money, not cost them a penny? I had never been with vodafone before now, it will never happen again, as it seems they are a law unto themselves, if you enter a contract then surely it should not change for the duration? As I'm sure if I decided, due to some unforeseen circumstance, I wanted to lower my payment to £25 a month and give them a months notice they surely would have something to say... Prob in court. I very rarely get militant but these clowns have sent me over the edge!
  • HI Ads,

    When you say "I had never been with vodafone before now, it will never happen again, as it seems they are a law unto themselves," that is exactly how i , like many others feel too.

    I was on the search to see if other people are like me with vodafone, wish i did my research before! and by seeing this post, i just had to join the site!

    I have a question though (That someone here might be able to answer) i have tried to ask vodafone, but hey,them answering a question direct? or even understand? hmm

    Does vodafone have an official complaints procedure?.. i thought all companies must have one?

    After being on the phone, i was told the official complaints procedure was to email from their webform online - I thought it was a little strange, i did it anyway - After many emails back and forth, im now told that vodafone dont actually have an offical complaints procedure and i quote " I agree there should be coherent and formal processes in place" - shouldnt there have been already? Am i just getting the run around again?

    Ad - also , i too tried to buy out of the contract, i got told 2 different prices -the 2nd price was a great deal higher than the first ( how was that possible, surely it should have been cheaper ? )
  • VodafoneVodafone Organisation Representatives - Private Messages may not be monitored
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    Hi Woody's Girl,

    I haven't received your email.

    Could you resend it on to me? Make sure you put WRT135 FAO Heidi in the subject and include a link to your post in the message body so that I know it's you.

    As soon as I receive it, I will be able to help you further.

    Hi MelesShuffle,

    I am really pleased that you have managed to get this resolved. :)

    Hi Ads2174,

    I am sorry to hear that you have been unhappy and had some issues regarding your billing.

    So that I can look into these and discuss it further with you, can you drop me an email to the address here with WRT135 FAO Heidi in the subject and also include a link to this thread.

    Hi newtoforums,

    I am sorry to hear that you have also had some issues. Feel free to email me via the above process too. I will be happy to help.

    You can view our codes of practice on our website here which includes our complaint procedure. I am sorry to hear that this wasn't explained fully to you when you requested.

    Many thanks,

    Web Relations Team
    Vodafone UK
    Official Company Representative
    I am the official company representative of Vodafone. MSE has given permission for me to post in response to queries about the company, so that I can help solve issues. You can see my name on the companies with permission to post list. I am not allowed to tout for business at all. If you believe I am please report it to [email protected] This does NOT imply any form of approval of my company or its products by MSE"
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    Not much point at ALL in reading your so-called "Code of Practice". A complete waste of time. Absolutely MEANINGLESS. No-one in your "organisation" follows it; you ignore formal complaints and customer "service" (code or no code) is completely non-existent.

    Rather than have you and your team constantly coming on here and saying "sorry to hear that" WHY doesn't Vodafone actually CARE about the (no doubt) THOUSANDS of its customers who never find their way onto sites like this to air their unending problems publicly???

    Really not good enough. GENUINE "sorry" means you stop the basic problem rather than run around plugging holes as a last resort.
  • Hi Heidi,

    Did you get my email? i sent it a couple of days ago when you replied to this thread-

  • I didn't expect to find such a huge thread on complaints! It doesn't sound promising for me...

    I joined Vodafone as a business customer on 13th July 2011, received my Samsung Galaxy S2 a couple of days later.

    I never received a welcome letter or email so had no account number. This meant I wasn't able to log-in to my on line account to download bills, essential for accounting purposes.

    My original handset was faulty from new. The back light would switch to full brightness, stay permanently on and the phone would get really hot. I first thought this was a software fault so tried uninstalling various app's before finally factory restoring the handset. The fault still occurred even after resetting and making no other changes to the software (installing app's or linking to my Google account).

    I contacted the call centre on 06/09/11 and a replacement handset was arranged. I was informed that the handset would be a refurbished unit despite the fault being present from new. I queried what a refurbished handset is and was informed that it’s a phone that somebody has decided they didn’t want and had only been briefly used before returned to Vodafone.

    I collected this handset from my local DPD depot on 10/09/11. I was very disappointed to find that the back housing of the phone was scuffed and the camera lens scratched. The display is also of much poorer quality than my original handset with vertical banding visible.

    I contacted the call centre for a second time on 12/09/11 and expressed my disappointment with the refurbished handset. I was informed a second replacement would be arranged and to expect within the next week. I was not given a precise delivery date as before.

    I contacted the call centre for a third time on 16/09/11 to chase this replacement as I had not received any replacement. I was informed that the replacement order had not been processed correctly so if I hadn’t chased a replacement would of never been sent. The replacement handset was re-arranged for delivery on 19/09/11.

    I write this on 20/09/11. I am still yet to receive a handset.

    I am really at a loss what to do? I think I am being more than reasonable to expect a replacement handset in the same condition as the one I returned (essentially brand new, I bought the official Samsung case for my handset so mine was immaculate) and to have this replacement within a few days. It's now been 2 weeks since my original contact.

    I haven't contacted Vodafone yet, reading this thread makes me think they will not action a complaint anyway. What would you advise?

    Many thanks.
  • I’m sorry that i can’t offer you any advice, other than i really wish you good luck from the bottom of my heart that you get this sorted -

    You will probably no doubt get the run around , they seem to grab you as a customer, sign the contract, and that’s it - done and dusted as far as they are concerned - they do not care about anyone after the contract has been signed - very bad practice - about 7 months ago i ended up just going with O2 even though it meant paying 2 companies - but at least now I’m with a company that a) cares and b) has a call centre in the uk that can understand what I’m saying without having to repeat it a million times -

    This thread just shows how many people they have conned, so i really wonder how many others there are too? my parents are both sadly stuck with Vodafone for several months yet, so they will be leaving also - again, how many others are having to leave too because a company doesn’t care, oh sorry, they do care about 1 thing, the money ;)
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