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I`ve tried to do a search but havent found what I want. About 6 weeks ago someone suggested a reasonable amount to charge for board and keep for my 21 year old son. He works as a chef and clears approx just over £900 pcm
He currently pays me £130 which I would like to review. I should add I am on my own with him and his younger brother(16) and do not receive maintenance. Which is a fair rent- 15% or higher ? I am also aware he is constantly overdrawn which I have talked to him about but he denies...........

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From now on, each week in the Money Tips email, we'll be asking a money moral question. This specific thread is the one that inspired me to do it - so it's only right that it be first. However let's broaden the question from a 21 year old to "what's fair rent for working children living at home?"



  • I am assuming that for the £130 you do all his laundry, and provide all meals and heat/light/landline phone?

    If this is the case then that is very reasonable and I think you would be justified in raising his rent to about £300 to cover all the things you provide. If he moved out and lived in a flat he would be paying at least £300 in rent alone, then he would also have to fork out for bills and food. He's getting a bargain for £300!

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  • I'm 23, and live with my parents.

    They charge me £165 per month for 'housekeeping' and I take home not much more than your son.

    Dunno if that helps any....:o
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    If I recall correctly most people seemed to think that around 20% of take home pay was about right. We are likely to be in this situation next year and I am not looking forward to the discussion. I have been trying to work out what proportion of spending is directly due to to DS being here (food, laundry, share of fuel, telephone), and it seems to me that it is at least £50 per week. I am firmly of the opinion that it does no favours to undercharge as it gives a false sense of reality.
  • When I was 22 I moved 200 miles from my parents after getting a job. I started paying £300 per month (bill included in cost) plus roughly £80 a month in food. On top of that I did all my own laundry, all my cooking and cleaning.. I was an independant adult. I was on take home of £1120, so that meant my outgoing costs were about 35% of my salary.

    You are doing your children no favours by not charging them a proper rent. They earn money now and are adults. If you want to save the money you charge them and give it to them when they want to move out, i'm all for that - just don't tell them that. Otherwise your child will have a massive reality shock coming to them when they eventually leave the nest.

    You can't charge as much as if they had their own flat, because thats not what they have. I'd suggest £200 a month 'rent' personally.
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    I'm 24 take home just over £1k and pay £127.. but I buy my own food and contribute to home phone bill, elec and gas plus her food every now and again! But also have to walk the dogs daily and make sure they are well kept etc. I also act as a PA when dealing with her bills and any letters that need writing!! lol
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    I paid £160 pcm 12 years ago out of a take-home salary of £700. At the time it felt like a lot, especially when I had friends in richer families living at home for free. but once I moved out I realised what a cheap deal I had really had!!!
  • I am 21 and I take home around £10,600 less tax a YEAR. I live with my mum after a year ago my parents split up. Up unitl a few weeks ago my brother lived with us too but he has recently got a flat of his own. I pay my mum £85 a month, which includes my share for the broadband. I buy everything for myself apart from food. She understands that I don't make alot of money and I have my own car to run, which I have bought and pay all the maintenance and petrol on my own. I would like to pay her some more, but I just do not see how I could stretch my money anymore.
    I know that if I were to have my own place it would cost me alot more, but hopefully ny then I will have a better, higher paid job.
  • im 23 and take home just over £1000 a month basic. I pay £100 a month plus half of the phone bill. I am hardly ever there and only eat there now and again if my mother cooks food. I would be willing to pay around 150 - 200 if my mother wanted to put it up
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    My brother and sis are 23 and 18 - they pay rouughly £120 a month.

    They get their meals if they are in (but they are never there much) and their washing is done for them.

    Bills are only taken into consideration if one of them has been excessive (ie my sis ran up £100 on the phone and my mum cut it off until my sis paid for it)
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