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How to check your Internet usage (bandwidth)

edited 29 January 2011 at 3:26PM in Broadband & Internet Access
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    LouiseTopp wrote: »
    Hi is this the link to the newest version of Netmetre please?

    Probably, :), but it's getting on a bit. As in outdated, I found it to be getting unreliable.
    I'd say a better choice is NetWorx.
    Move along, nothing to see.
  • LouiseToppLouiseTopp Forumite
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    Does this work just as well please?
  • Something for mac? Thanks
  • brilliant
    i was wondering how to do this,,,thanks for this post
  • Thanks a lot for let us know how to check the internet usage. This is really a very wonderful and useful info.
  • post by closed > "Most routers collect this sort of information"

    Please show me how to do this - I've tried for several years and not had any success.
    How to get the traffic details from your router will depend on which router (and probably which ISP) you use. I mention the ISP because some may have "locked down" or tailored the software to meet their needs, and the "default" login details (often found via the web) may no longer work.

    Also, while a router does pick up the information, it may not show the whole story, because a power cut, for example, (or just a 'glitch' that you don't notice) could reset the count. My router from Plus.Net shows:

    Data Transferred (Sent/Received) [GB/GB]: 12.26 / 69.16

    that was for the last 4 days.

    (I'm a heavy user, sometimes 12-20 GB in a day, depending on what I am doing, and maybe 150 to 300 GB a month)
  • I think another 'sticky', on the subject of 'unlimited internet' should be considered, since just a few pounds more could mean you have no headaches about how much you use... With some of the deals on, you could consider a switch to fibre (and get much faster speeds), and not be spending a lot more than for what we have at present.

    Some (great) ISPs like Zen charge plenty more for "up to 16 Mbps" (30+ pounds for 200 GB/month of downloads). NB Zen does not count uploaded data, so would be great for a radio station, or webcam, even on their cheapest packages)

    A number of ISPs offer unlimited broadband, from around 10 pounds a month (less perhaps with some budget offers) but have small print (in an AUP - Acceptable Usage Policy document) which says either a precise limit (eg 100 GB a month) or does not specify.

    For example, Tesco Broadband is described as unlimited but if you ask them (eg via chat on the web site) they will confirm they have a fair use policy which is 100 GB and if you keep going over, they'd be asking you to move to some other ISP (their T+C document suggests they can charge per GB, but does not specify any actual sums, and they said they would close an account, not charge extra).

    Primus is offering an "up to 38 Mbps" fibre service with unlimited data (I am with Plus.Net at present, but they offer only 40 GB on their "up to 38 Mbps" fibre account). Why did I look at this speed, compared with the "up to 76 Mbps" accounts? Simple - the speed estimate for my line is up to about 35 Mbps, so no point spending more for the 'higher speed' account if it will make no difference (the cabinet with fibre is some distance away from my home, and serves 4 blocks of flats as well as my road... next road can get Virgin Media but mine is not served!)
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    BT Broadband have a problem with their meter measuring usage, In February on their website they admitted their usage measurements were wrong.

    As BT cannot be trusted to measure usage correctly their excess charges, if any, are invalid.

    Using - - gives a lower usage than BT.

    In February BT had a special offer -
    Pay for 12 months in advance with a one-off non-refundable payment of £141 and save £50.88 in one year, telephone line rental is then equivalent to £11.75 a month. Broadband cost was £5 / month AND there was a benefit of a Sainsbury's voucher for £25. - this deal is a scam as BT also take the standard costs by direct debit and refuse to refund the overcharge. The voucher is still to arrive. :mad:
  • littleboolittleboo Forumite
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    How are Thinkbroadband monitoring your usage ?
  • I am using Networx for my windows but your all the efforts you put in the forum post is appreciable. Entire forum is informative. Looking forward to read contents from you.
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