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How to check your Internet usage (bandwidth)

edited 29 January 2011 at 3:26PM in Broadband & Internet Access
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  • I think I have found out what is was. I installed Norton 360, new antivirus software that comes with automatic backup so it was trying to backup the whole hard drive to an online site. I have chnaged that from automatic backup to maunal and will see if it happens again.
    Thanks for the help
  • There is a nice usage meter on the Thinkbroadband site - look in Tools for tbbMeter.
  • Excellent!!!! I am just thinking that their is a lot of ways to save our money. I'll download the NetMeter and also I want to know that how can I increase my Internet speed as I am using 256kbps.
    Thanks a lot Money Saver for the wonderful article.
  • Just clicked to download this and it says:

    "High Risk Website Blocked"
  • thelofttheloft Forumite
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    Gray-Fox wrote: »
    Just clicked to download this and it says:"High Risk Website Blocked"

    I have just downloaded this tbbmeter and scanned it with 2 anti-malware systems , also Avast! all reported no problems whatsoever. It's a bit finicky and you have to fiddle about and reject lots of requests, but apart from that it seems fine. Anyone else had problems ?
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    Most routers collect this sort of information, no need for installing software to monitor it and you and slow your machine down in the process.

    The Software will communicate with our servers, those of our technology partners and third parties as necessary to fulfil its functions, including transmitting performance metrics, details of usage levels by type and debugging information to assist us in analysing this data. It will also transmit any registration information you provide along with a unique identifier.
    For transparency, we would like to disclose to you a non-exhaustive list of data the Software sends to our server:
    •Network configuration settings (IP addresses, PPP servers, DNS servers, etc.)
    •Operating System and version
    •CPU type, total physical memory
    •Unique installation identifiers
    •Information you provide to us on a registration form
    •Performance metrics of your broadband connection by time period
    We may transmit and process your data outside of the European Economic Area,
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  • Nice post dear.....
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    closed wrote: »
    Most routers collect this sort of information, no need for installing software to monitor it and you and slow your machine down in the process.
    Please show me how to do this - I've tried for several years and not had any success. We've 3 PCs using Networx, so that I can check their usage. But we've now got 4 phones and 3 tablets accessing the router directly as well, and I'm worried that I'm not tracking my usage accurately enough...

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  • Tremendous excellent post.
  • LouiseToppLouiseTopp Forumite
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    Hi is this the link to the newest version of Netmetre please?
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