Should I Have A Financial Review With My Bank Manager?

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Don’t fall for the spiel of the new range of bank adverts offering financial reviews. Go in and you’ll effectively be met by a sales person, possibly incentivised to flog you products, likely to use fear based sales techniques. Banks also only offer their own, invariably uncompetitive products.

What to do instead:

Everything can be done better and cheaper yourself, use the free budget planner, get debt-help, give yourself a money makeover, or for protection, pension and investment help if you can’t do it yourself use an independent financial adviser

If you want a financial review do it - but with a truck full of salt.

Below is the original thread discussion started by Southern Scouser...
Basically I just want to go and humour him more than anything! :rotfl:

The cashier was trying to 'sell' me a free review to see if they could do anything to help me. In other words I reckon they mean a loan! :rolleyes:

But I would love to go in there and listen to how he could reduce my monthly payments in to one easily affordable one! Thats when I'd kick in about PPI, early repayment penalties, snowballing, minimum payments, DMP's, IVA's, bankruptcy, unlawful penalties, debt free dates and whatever else I've learnt on this site! :rotfl:



  • elantan
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    i'd book the appointment straight away if it was me ..i'd even tease him by pretending i was interested in taking out a loan and playing stupid about p.p.i but asking would it cover this that etc.. then when he thinks he has you in his clutches pull the rug form under his/her feet....if i had a day off of school and work this would be on my top 5 things to do ...have fun i know you will..i've done this type of thing so many times with r.c.i gives me a laugh
  • lynzpower
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    depends who your bank is- if its A&L then you get £25 for a financial "review"
    :beer: Well aint funny how its the little things in life that mean the most? Not where you live, the car you drive or the price tag on your clothes.
    Theres no dollar sign on piece of mind
    This Ive come to know...
    So if you agree have a drink with me, raise your glasses for a toast :beer:
  • dumpy
    dumpy Posts: 520 Forumite
    I've done it, gone in and argued over all the things they said would benefit me. Why would I want to pay for my bank account?

    In the end I was giving the wee girl who took the interview a lesson in money management.

    Very enjoyable I must say if you have the spare time.
  • I'd settle in for a while look interested let them fetch you a nice cup of coffee.Finish you coffeee thank them and go home. Job done.
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  • elantan
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    so what we wanna know ss is are you gonna do it?
  • elantan wrote:
    so what we wanna know ss is are you gonna do it?

    I am tempted! But it's a bit of hassle! Means I have to pay for parking and stuff like that! :think:

    It would be quite funny to tell him I've reclaimed my bank charges! :rotfl:
  • elantan
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    that would be worth the parking for me ..imagine their faces lol
  • msmicawber
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    Good way to start the interview, SS - ask him whether there's a form to fill in for your expenses, or whether he'll just pay them out of the petty cash!

    Seriously, though, you've paid off £9k debt in a year (and kept me and the rest of the site amused while you were at it) - what can he tell you about sorting out your finances?
    Debt at highest: £6,290.72 (14.2.1999)
    Debt free success date: 14.8.2006 :j
  • I had one and it was great - the lady was really nice and the fact that she could see on screen exactly what I spent my money on was good. She said 'well you're certainly not extravagant are you?!

    then I got a £15k to consolidate - whoops!

    paid off now though ;)
  • savvy
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    LOL pay for parking??? Forget it then, if it was free FREE then yeah fair enough.................I had one and he refunded a bank charge which was well cool, then I told him he had the same surname as my original surname and he knocked me off another one!! ;);):Dicon14.gif
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