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Cutting down consumption of loo paper



  • mrmeldrew
    Lidl cheapest place for recycled toilet paper!, as it is for lots of products, including 84 sensative baby wipes for 88p also good for bums.

    For free paper Mcdonalds serviettes will flush away and there toilet papers good as well, you do not even need to spend a penny! due to the lack of toilet facilities in my local town every time we go shopping my boys use their loo.

    Single dad with 2 young boys
  • ammie43
    I read once that if you hang your toilet roll with the loose end at the back you will use less. Anyone willing to test this theory?

    As a child it was my job to put the string through the pieces of the old 'Radio times' to hang in the outside toilet. Early recycling!
  • plimsoll
    ali-t wrote: »
    Does each member of the family have their own pad? if so are the different colours so you can identify them. I get the boulk if there is a hair or wee on the seat from someone else never mind having to wipe with their pishy sheet.

    fayhare's weenotions link was for the fairy hammocks (sanitary pads) rather than washable wipes - although they sell those they're not MSE ones lol!!

    if you want to buy them not make from "rags" & get different colours then I suggest looking at places like B&M & Poundland for "baby face cloths" or somesuch - packs of 6-8 for around £1, come in various colours (have picked up packs containing mixtures of 2-3 of pink, white with pink spots, blue, white with blue spots, green, white with green spots, yellow, yellow with green spots & white)

    I use fairy hammocks but won't be switching to washable wipes anytime soon, had stopped using them for kids bums when they were still in cloth nappies as when it was too wet (or needed them dry too quick) to hang outside my tumble dryer always deposited them by the door/filter to get covered in fluff so had to separate them from the nappies then hang tens of the things on maiden, used to drive me mad. And am now enjoying the loss of the nappy loads, don't want another lol! Although I use a mixture of flannels & baby face cloth wipes for washing faces but that's less to sort out & remove before tumble drying lol!
  • rozharvey
    really babys pee and adult pee are two different things. you know where babys have been to start with. also you could always get a long nail or hook and get square of newspaper and attach to hook/nail, loads of free papers and junk mail around. i can remember people using that as a child and i suppose some people still do.
  • ceridwen
    ceridwen Posts: 11,547 Forumite
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    I believe the opposite to be true - hige fibre and a healthy diet should give firm stools, which need minimal wiping :D Hope this isn't TMI, but what so you expect reading a thread about loo roll :rotfl:

    Ummm..reading this whilst eating breakfast....<cough>

    ...but Penny is correct...I'll have another bite of my wholemeal toast now...

    ...but the above is one of various checks one can do to make sure that health problems don't have a chance to get very far before they are spotted...

    I'll get my coat....
  • casperbad
    The way to use the toilet roll and to make every sheet count is to do the following:

    1. Tear off a single sheet
    2. Fold it in half and then in half again
    3. Tear off the tiny corner on the closed side, when open up again this gives you a nice round hole in the very middle
    4. Keep this little piece as it will be needed later
    5. Now stick your index finger through the hole and clean your self with your finger
    6. Use the sheet to wipe your finger clean, with a swift upward action
    7. Use the small torn off piece to clean under your nail.

    How's that for making a loo roll last ages.
  • guidarufino
    As someone else has said previously, TP is one of things I won't compromise on. I don't get the really expensive stuff but not cheap rubbish either, usually Morrison's own brand. I don't count how many sheets I use and don't really care. I am absolutely gobsmacked at the lengths some of you go to! My OH moans sometimes at how much I use but I just remind him that he eats more than me and takes longer in the shower so it's all swings and roundabouts. Life's too short to count squares of TP!
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  • love_cat
    I'm sure you're all onto this one already, but if you buy a quilted variety it's a lot thicker due to the quilting and therefore you get less loo roll for your money. :-)
  • jenblackrod
    High I have Crohns disease and an ileostomy and I buy around 16 loo rolls per week due to the symptoms of the disease which I wont go into here as it would be TMI. Surely we should get some sort of exemption from the VAT as I am unable to work due to the illness and only receive ESA? Think I should start a campaign ;). Did you know by the way that sanitary protection is also VATable? It wouldnt be if men had periods I reckon.
  • Fruball
    Fruball Posts: 5,739 Forumite
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    Rosalie92 wrote: »
    never realised loo roll could be such an 'interesting' topic and prompted me to join up(have been considering for ages but never got round to it).

    I think its really funny that a lot of these recent replies are from people who have posted here for the first time... Seems the TP debate has stirred people enough to sign up hehehehe!!!

    Welcome, new folk and don't worry, we don't just talk about toilet stuff :D
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