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Cutting down consumption of loo paper



  • bluebag
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    My kids unfurl it like a wedding banner so I just buy Mr t's value stuff.

    I tried with a better quality hoping they would use less. No chance, they nearly blocked our old Victorian plumbing with the duvet sized amounts used.
  • Primrose wrote: »
    Does anybody have any imaginative suggestions on how to reduce toilet paper consumption? It's a VATable item and is one of those essentials we unfortunately can't eliminate from our shopping bills.

    (I'm convinced that the advice to eat your "Five a Day" doesn't help. High consumption of fruit and veg does seem to lead to half a loo roll being consumed on every visit :rotfl:)

    When ever I'm out I go to the loo, use the necessary amount of paper and put an equal amount in my pocket or purse. This can really add up in a week, and I have lots of tissue to use for various reasons. Hankies, eye make up removal, you name it! My own loo roll is saved:T. Some posh hotels have large, strong disposable towels...just take one home too.
  • I read this thread with great interest........being a heavy wastefull loo paper user, I set off to find out how little I could do with, results being.

    pee 1 square folded into into 1/4s but easy enough to dab dry and still quite dry when done

    Poo still one square folded into 1/4s, just a teeny weeny bit marked

    I am well impressed


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  • Growing up during and after WW2 we always had some newspaper on a nail in the outside loo.In winter time you didn't hang about out there as it was not only cold but it also housed spiders the size of soup plates .So it was a quick dash down the garden for your ablutions and then an even faster scamper back indoors ,usually convinced that the huge hairy legged spidaer was chasing you.
    My late ma-in-law always had Izal flat packs as she said it was 'softies' that used ordinary toilet roll and her lads were rough tough boys .My late husband said it was like sandpapering your butt.My children wondered why Granny had tracing paper in the loo.when visiting i would usually take a box of paper hankies which I would sneak to the girls when they needed them.
    I use the stuff which is on the offer at the time usually around 1.99 for four .i live alone so I suppose about a 4 pack per month maybe I have never really thought about it .its a nessesity that we have to have I don't think I could be bothered to count how many sheets at a time I used ,
    thats a bit anal (excuse the pun):):):):)
  • Aless
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    This thread is so funny.

    My dad used to tell us two sheets only and, though it used to wind me up, I stick to it. We use quilted and you do not need any more than that. My OH however can get through half a roll a sitting no probs and has blocked up our toilets and those in hotels all over the world. I now find myself telling him two sheets is more than enough but I know he takes no notice. All I can do is bulk buy at Costco.
  • since my young kids have been toilet trained i have always sung "one for a wee and two for a poo" they thought it was funny and now automatically use the right amount of paper when they go on their own.:money:
  • My husband uses the most especially when his blowing his nose he rolls it off (i hear it) LOL!!
    He must wrap it round his hand like a boxing glove:rotfl:

    I would esyimate we use approx 1 roll in 3 days and there are 3 that use the loo in this house.
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