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Cutting down consumption of loo paper



  • malamala
    Anisceline wrote: »
    Get a bidet installed, or buy a lotta from an asian store, wash first with water and then you'll only need to wipe once. Simple and hygenic. If you can't find a lotta, ( looks like a plastic tea pot with spout) then just use a litre bottle and refill it from the bathroom sink each time you go to the loo.

    Or installed the Electronic toilet seat:
  • DonnySaver
    My granny used to use newspaper! Didn't half hurt though!
  • Vaila
    Vaila Posts: 6,301 Forumite
    hmm, white bread, white pasta should keep the bowels clogged up longer ! , maybe invest in tissues when their on offer
  • theloft
    theloft Posts: 1,703 Forumite
    DonnySaver wrote: »
    My granny used to use newspaper! Didn't half hurt though!
    I can tell you from personal experience when camping, that newspaper (cut into loo-roll size pieces and hung on a nail) is a lot softer than Izal. My Mum tells me that during the war, there was nothing else to use. Did anyone ever see Steptoe & Son on the TV. That is what they used in their loo !! But seriously, my advice is to cut down on treats and look out for bargain buys - after all you must get some pleasures in life and decent loo paper is one of them !!
    "0844 COSTS YOU MORE"
    Primrose, to reduce the amount of toilet paper used I suggest using a cheap toddler toilet training wipe to clean then toilet paper to dry. Having toilet trained 4 children this worked best and reduced our runaway loo roll use. (I have enough washing already so I won't be washing the rags yet, good idea though)

  • Eric_Pisch
    Eric_Pisch Posts: 8,720 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    just stick to the 3 sheet rule

    1) scrape

    2) wipe

    3) polish

  • julie777
    This is the first time I've read a discussion all the way through wich either means I am sad or bored. My family all say the cheap papers are rough on their delicate bums (3 men mind you!) but the Sainsburys basic economy pack is the softest. If the standard stuff is on a good offer I will get them that for a treat haha. They do use less sheets of that, partly because the economy sheets are much smaller. Oldest son has decided to buy his own (ultra sof quilted velvety satin stuff) which means a good saving to MY budget.

    Think the washable sani pads are a good idea, I think the bleach in disposable pads causes irritation.
  • Rosalie92
    Like Julie it is the first time I have read all the way through - never realised loo roll could be such an 'interesting' topic and prompted me to join up(have been considering for ages but never got round to it).

    Had never heard of washable options - you learn something new every day!!

    Have to admit I only buy luxury when on offer, otherwise main supermarket brands but will try lidl suggestion.:)
  • MrsE_2
    MrsE_2 Posts: 24,162 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    I find one good baby wipe (like a Huggies) deals with a loose(r) one quicker & easier than a big wadge of loo roll - I can't believe I've posted this:o:o:o:o:o:o
  • ali-t
    ali-t Posts: 3,815 Forumite
    fayhare wrote: »
    I get most of my pads from here (They are called fairy hammocks on the site!) I also like Wemoon pads but they are expensive. I have also made my own in the past but sewing is not a great skill of mine.

    Does each member of the family have their own pad? if so are the different colours so you can identify them. I get the boulk if there is a hair or wee on the seat from someone else never mind having to wipe with their pishy sheet.
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