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Cutting down consumption of loo paper



  • lee636
    lee636 Posts: 460 Forumite
    'Borrow' some from public loo's to take home?! :shocked:
  • SailorSam
    SailorSam Posts: 22,754 Forumite
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    I remember seeing a programme on the Tv about the Romans building toilets, it was like a communal circle with water running in a little brick trench. They never had any paper but a sponge on the end of a stick that was left for others to use. A bit like a toilet brush, so when you finished you just grabbed this stick, and if you didn't get hold of it properly well ............... hence the expression 'the sh1tty end of the stick'.
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  • redhot
    redhot Posts: 245 Forumite
    Whilst I love to save money- there are limits and mine is the loo role. I want soft loo paper that doesn't scratch my bum and will always use as much as I need- we go thorugh at least 1 roll a day (usually nearer 2 between 4 of us)- I do look for offers on Andrex, velvet and charmin but would never touch a budget role- there like sandpaper on your botty:cool:
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  • Fayhare, what can I say? You must be the most money saving person I know, saying that, what the hell did they do in the old days?
    Must have been something similar, surely....well, maybe not the mooncup....:rotfl::rotfl:

    In the past, nice ladies used beautifully hemmed cloths for sanitary towels - the poor would've used rags, thus 'being on the rag'. They were boil washed & put away for the next time.

    Back to loo rolls, we use Lidl's recycled ones - 12 for about £1.35, they're fine. However, when my daughter comes home to stay, consumption goes up significantly - although, she has got better since being a student as she now knoiws what they cost.

    I'm going to look into re-usable wipes too - my nan always swore wee on a babies head gave them curly hair (& yes, I do :rotfl:) & that you should pee on chilblains - oh joy.
  • Bettie
    Bettie Posts: 1,225 Forumite
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    Anisceline wrote: »
    Get a bidet installed, or buy a lotta from an asian store, wash first with water and then you'll only need to wipe once. Simple and hygenic. If you can't find a lotta, ( looks like a plastic tea pot with spout) then just use a litre bottle and refill it from the bathroom sink each time you go to the loo.

    When I worked in an Indian restaurant there was never any loo paper in the staff toilet - just an empty milk bottle on the floor which I regularly picked up washed out and crated. I asked who the hell it was kept leaving it in there and then got told why it was there. :eek:
    I thought it very strange back then ( late 60s) but now maybe it's not such a bad idea.
    never found out how they dried their bums though..
  • It's not just what you're using it for, it's how...

    I remember reading somewhere that people divided into 'dabbers' and 'wipers'. Dabbers apparently scrunch up a lot of paper and use it (guess what) to dab. Wipers only use a sheet or two, enough to make a secure thickness.

    This suggests that if you have dabbers in the family you should buy the cheapest absorbent stuff you can find. If you have wipers you should buy something robust and absorbent enough not to need more than one or two layers.

    Apparently this accounts for why it's hard to get thick loo paper in the US and Canada, they are all brought up to be dabbers. Or so my Canadian friends tell me!
  • SD-253
    SD-253 Posts: 314 Forumite
    I believe the opposite to be true - hige fibre and a healthy diet should give firm stools, which need minimal wiping Hope this isn't TMI, but what so you expect reading a thread about loo roll

    it is a statement of fact that eating your 5 day leads to higher consumption of loo rolls. In my case this means crapping 3 times a day while a low consumption of fruit and veg IE higher fat or and protein leads to me crapping once a day. Again fact that any doctor would support. At the end of the day you will live longer and healthier. I would rather use more toilet roil. PS Lidl do good quality at very cheap price but you do have to buy 20 rolls at a time. One of the ways they achieve it is to have narrow rolls they could make them narrower still as we do not use the outside edge as this would result in us putting crap on our bums!!!!!
  • Our 'pee-blots' go into the compost bin (free nitrogen + carbon), & we make paper more efficient by using cheap or gift body lotion as 'botty lotion', which cleans more efficiently than dry paper, cutting the number of sheets needed.
  • Loo roll? Use the bidet or install one. 'Simples!;)'

    Alternatively use Morrisons value rolls circa £1.15 for twelve, soft enough too.:rotfl:

    What can't you beg, steal, borrow, or buy and can only be given away, it makes people happy, relieves tension, lifts everyones spirits, ...........

    YOUR SMILE, it's infectious pass it on, you will always get one back!:):rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
  • Has nobody got a bidet?
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