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Cutting down consumption of loo paper



  • EstherH
    EstherH Posts: 1,150 Forumite
    When the first poster said washable wipes I thought uuk, but having read the other posts and thought about it, it is just the same as nappies etc. However, we have Tesco value at about £1.35 for 12 and get through about 5 a week so at between 50p and 60p a week, I don't think I shall bother. That's for me, hubby and DS.
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  • JCS1
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    Big thread here with various recommendations for washable sanitary items:
  • csarina
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    I buy thicker toilet paper, one thing I really hate is paper that gives way at an unoppotune moment......must adnit that charmin finds favour in this house.....I had thought about using the 'no paper' method as practiced by the French but one is not always able to do this, depends where you are when you need to go......I must admit I carry a pack of baby wipes in my bag in case I 'get caught short' and there is no toilet paper.
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  • meritaten
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    Fayhare, what can I say? You must be the most money saving person I know, saying that, what the hell did they do in the old days?
    Must have been something similar, surely....well, maybe not the mooncup....:rotfl::rotfl:

    according to a living history museum from i think it was 1500s - they used moss! they dried it out and was only used for poos.
    for periods they used rags which were washed and reused (probably by someone else.
    they wiped noses on thier sleeves until handkerchiefs were used at court - then they had buttons sewed on servants sleeves to stop them wiping their noses on their sleeves! (I did think of doing that with My kids actually).
  • Shysarah
    Shysarah Posts: 535 Forumite
    OMG Fairy Hammocks, how cute... *rushes off to explore links*
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  • I used to use Tesco's 'springforce' loo roll (next up from value) and we were going through 9 per week at £1.99!!!!

    However, I realised that I used to use 4 of the Tesco own per week at £1.80 a pack before, so switched back and within days our usage went down!!!

    We use 4 a week if it's Tesco, Charmin or Andrex

    HOWEVER, we use 3 per week if its Triple Velvet!

    I buy Triple Velvet at £1.59 at Sainsbury's right now!!

    That's £1.20 a week compared to £1.99!!!!

    And we are better off for it!!
    We spend money we don't have, on things that we don't need, to impress people we don't like. I don't and I'm happy!
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  • Jacey53
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    Don't drink in the morning and wait to go to the loo until you are at work or school?

    No good for me - I can't get out of the house without having 3 cups of tea.
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  • Ladies - please remember i am at work and I am getting really strange looks grinning and giggling like an idiot at this thread.

    Loo roll is my OH obsession - he reckons that me and the girls use way to much - although he did say I had more excuse than them as my bum is twice as big :cool:
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  • JCS1 wrote: »
    VAT on sanitary items too.

    But the VAT rate on sanitary products is at the reduced rate (5%) and is not affected by the standard VAT rate rise planned for 2011.

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  • HOWEVER, we use 3 per week if its Triple Velvet!

    I buy Triple Velvet at £1.59 at Sainsbury's right now!!

    That's £1.20 a week compared to £1.99!!!!

    And we are better off for it!!

    I use Triple Velvet too, for just this reason. If you have a Savers or a SemiChem near you they have a 6 pack (4+2free) for £1.99ish in Savers and a 12 pack(9+3free) for £3.69ish in SemiChem. Which makes them much cheaper :).

    It's only a game
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