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Reclaim lost Tesco points: Report your SUCCESSES

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  • i reclaimed £9.50 of lost tesco vouchers :j
  • Thank you so much, Martin Lewis, :money:soon after I read your article on how we may reclaim unspent vouchers, I logged into my Tesco account and checked on-line for me and a friend, I had £1.50 and my friend had £10 :j!! Not much, but at least we are now well informed about this - thanks. You can print them off in PDF format and spend them at Tesco or use the codes on-line.
    It seems, Tesco are only allowing as far back as 2 years to claim any unspent vouchers, but do try - others may find otherwise, thanks so much:A.Angel 8
  • Thank you this site is very helpful - grateful for all the information and advice given. Managed to claim Tesco vouchers successfully as mentioned above.
    :money:Your site is brilliant - offering lots of help and advice on many matters of finance and many other useful tips - much appreciated thanks, have a wonderful New Year to you and your Team.:T
  • I just called up and reclaimed some EXPIRED vouchers for three different card accounts we have between us.

    Some were only just out of date, some were from November last year. The customer service guy was as good as gold, I just told him that we had lost the pile of vouchers & had just found them again (little white lie )

    We're now £40 back in pocket - thanks again !!
  • I found £86.50 but not sure how because we spend them on 'treats' within a few days or weeks of having them. Very grateful to have them and lovely start to the new year!!
  • Important update! We have recently reviewed and updated our Forum Rules and FAQs. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the latest version.
  • Found £16 worth of vouchers I frankly had no idea I had. Claimed double points and used them to buy wine and some Champagne for Christmas which I shared with my parents who were visiting me.

    Many thanks.
  • BANLBANL Forumite
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    Despite not having any issues rolling over unused Clubcard vouchers in to future mailings in the past, it seems Tesco's are now starting to enforce a no roll-over policy.

    In short, Tesco now say that anyone trying to roll vouchers into future mailings is "cheating Tescos" (quoted from a Tesco Customer Services Manager today).

    Rolling vouchers was presumably a cheap (given all the free consumer data collected every time a Clubcard is scanned) way for gaining customer loyalty and good-will.

    However, the good-will has clearly run-out as whilst vouchers will be re-issued with the original expiry, I was advised today that "in keeping with the Clubcard terms and conditions" expired vouchers will no longer be reinstated and that points from nearly expired vouchers will no longer be rolled onto future mailings.

    The lesson here is use it or lose it.
  • I found three Tesco Reward vouchers totalling £7.50 which were out of date by three months. Phoned Tesco helpline 08081000707 spoke to a very nice gentleman and he said they would be entered back onto my clubcard points. No hassle at all, very straightforward.
  • JamesK10JamesK10 Forumite
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    When Tesco had its hack attack back in February, the clubcard number we were trying to log in and use couldn't be accessed and once the site was re-opened it wasn't on the list.

    Rang them over the weekend, number re-added, so that's a minimum of £10 coming back to us although it'll be in the next mailing.
  • rachael34rachael34 Forumite
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    very grumpy tesco customer service employee told i had been 'miss informed' and to check their T&C's. he would only re-issue 3 months worth of vouchers. he said it would take him 'hours and hours' to check back 2 years worth of vouchers.
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