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Reclaim lost Tesco points: Report your SUCCESSES

edited 5 December 2017 at 12:52PM in Shop but don't drop
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  • neenawwneenaww Forumite
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    No no that is fine. I understand it is my own fault! Thank you for your reply :-)
    getting married to my best friend very soon!
    I am a married woman :j
  • I have just found £60 worth of Tesco Vouchers that I didn't know I had! I just followed your instructions and there they were! What has really made my day, is that with the Clubcard Boost, I can turn those vouchers into £120!!! :rotfl: Thank you!
  • It was a nice surprise to find £5 of vouchers on my online Tesco account.
    I don't normally shop there, just pop in when I'm near the store and need something like bread.

    Not much but managed to pick up 6 X 4pint bottles of milk for £4 (delivery wasn't free ho hum). Bargain! :D
  • bundancebundance Forumite
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    I went online and found that I had £10 in unspent tesco vouchers.
    I wanted an electric blanket from their online store at £18.
    I was happy to pay £8 for an electric blanket.

    When I checked out, they doubled my points and I got the blanket for free.
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    OnTheGoMumOnTheGoMum Forumite
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    Just found £215 worth if expired vouchers (2012/13). Phoned Tesco CC, told not able to reprint them so can only use those which still have a valid expiry date!! ABSOLUTELY GUTTED!!
    'Stef' also said I should access my Tesco account online to see my current valid vouchers, explained no access to internet atm, she was NO HELP WHATSOEVER in bothering to check and advise me!! Am I missing something??
    I thought CS were there for such customer queries... Unless!
    ASDA & Sainsburys, here comes my custom.
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    OnTheGoMumOnTheGoMum Forumite
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    **unless!! (Out of a wifi hotshot so can't access Tesco account.
  • OMG, meant to type, Tesco CC were Useless! (Curse this tiny keyboard)
  • no1catmanno1catman Forumite
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    OnTheGoMum wrote: »
    **unless!! (Out of a wifi hotshot so can't access Tesco account.

    It would only enable you to see your 'in-date' valid vouchers.

    If you have vouchers that are out of date, they have expired, and Tesco CC do not have access to expired vouchers (can still see the ones for Feb '14 - but not for long) - they don't need to - vouchers are only valid for two years.
    They may have been used on-line, or previously been rolled, but there is no way of checking that, because as I said no one has access to expired vouchers.

    At one time - about 9 mths ago - they had access to vouchers to a couple of previous mailings - but not two years worth.
    I used to work for Tesco - now retired - speciality Clubcard
  • woobirdwoobird Forumite
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    With the help of a very sweet and patient lady from the Tesco customer services I was eventually able to claim £11.50 in unused vouchers. Many thanks to both Tesco, and especially you people for putting this on your site. These vouchers will tide us over until payday. Absolutely thrilled, thank you again.
  • glitzyglitzy Forumite
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    In the past when my vouchers have been out of date, have just entered the code in for pizza express vouchers & it accepted them. Today entered February 2014 vouchers won't accept them now, there is a list of all your current vouchers & you tick which ones you want to use, hth:(
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