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Reclaim lost Tesco points: Report your SUCCESSES

edited 5 December 2017 at 12:52PM in Shop but don't drop
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  • thank you, thank you - £51.00 I didnt know I had - got the weekend shopping done for 7p.
  • Just checked my Dad's account for him - over £370, and £5.50 on my account!

    I do love this website.
  • FruballFruball Forumite
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    I had no idea I had any vouchers that I hadn't used but thought I would have a quick look anyway...

    £30 of unclaimed vouchers!!!

    I will be doubling those up and getting some pressies for my children :) Christmas was looking a bit bleak but this will make a lovely difference.

    Thank you :)
  • I found £159 worth of vouchers that I had lost. Excellent result!
  • CkaCka Forumite
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    £25 for me.... Shame they only go back 2 years:(
  • Am really happy to report that i found £111 of unused tesco reward vouchers plus after reading your comments I contacted customer services and they are reissuing a further £36.50 of expired vouchers!!!
    Many thanks Xmas will be a lot easier now.
  • Realised I'd been using 2 accounts and my vouchers had been going to my old address. So I've got over £40! Very pleased.
  • I logged on to my clubcard account and discovered £12 in unused vouchers, I am going to double up for frozen food for xmas, thanx Martin :j
  • SystemSystem
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    Received £18.50 in vouchers during November and just logged on and found a further £17.50 worth which I have reclaimed

    Thanks a lot guys

    Keep up the good work

    Best regards

    Mark Bannerman
  • Thanks for the reminders, but just a word of warning...

    We logged on to Tescos to find that our account had been hacked; and that the vouchers we thought we had online were gone.

    When we reported this to Tesco, they said their records showed the vouchers had been used in store with a valid clubcard.

    But we still have all our original clubcards (and also the paper vouchers), and have not given our account details to anyone..... so we know it wasn't used by us. We can only conclude our account was hacked by someone with inside information, who printed out the vouchers, and was able to to override the need to swipe the clubcard at the till (or maybe had a scam card).

    Has anyone else has had their account hacked, or online vouchers stolen?

    Tesco finally refunded our vouchers, but only after we had reported it to the police as online fraud.
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