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cheap brown vinegar works for...?



  • squeaky
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    Same here. :)

    I normally top up a mug with vinegar and sit the shower head in it overnight.

    The vinegar can be saved to use another couple or three times.
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  • lilac_lady
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    When white vinegar is recommended for clearing sinks (with baking soda) could you use malt or even the vinegar from a beetroot jar?
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  • madmum33
    madmum33 Posts: 635 Forumite
    Malt probably would work, but surely the beetroot vinegar would stain? Remember that the vinegar and baking soda react a little like a volcano!
  • bizzylizzy
    bizzylizzy Posts: 642 Forumite
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    I have used malt with very good whooshing effect! It's much cheaper than white too.
  • tanith
    tanith Posts: 8,091 Forumite
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    Beetroot vinegar would definately stain anything you used it on...
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  • I know that white vinegar can be the bees knees when it comes to cleaning, de-scaling and clothes softening etc. However, as I was finding the price recently somewhat extortionate:eek:, I decided to try the brown stuff, priced at a calm 19p per bottle.

    I have used it as a softener instead of fabric conditioner on coloured clothing - good results
    On whites! - good results and no discolouration of clothes whatsoever. I think it's because one only need a cap-full, so there isn't enough to discolour at that dilution.
    I have used it cleaning in the bathroom, and again, I haven't noticed any difference between that and white vinegar.
    For deodorising, I put a small amount in the fridge and it worked extremely well on removing strong aromas.

    Even if we only use the brown stuff for half our vinegar requirements around the house, it seems that it could make a significant saving over a period of time. I'm not sure what white vinegar is priced at at the moment.

    Does anyone else have comments, ideas about this that they have gained from personal experience? Or inspiring ideas we can try for ourselves?

    PS I think there is a difference between malt vinegar and non brewed condiment, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is, or whether using it would have different result
  • wssla00
    wssla00 Posts: 1,875 Forumite
    It is also good for cleaning out the dishwasher :)
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  • Seakay
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    I use brown vinegar for all the cleaning etc that white vinegar is suggested for because white vinegar is more expensive and harder for me to buy in bulk.
    I've had no problem at all with staining and a few drops of essential oil takes care of the stronger smell at the time of using - there is never any vinegar smell post use anyway.
  • Penelope_Penguin
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    For most cleaning uses there's no reason to spend more on white vinegar, as malt will do just as well :D I have no idea why the OS belief is that white must be used for cleaning; maybe it's one of those things, that's been said so often then "it must be true" (a bit like using a mixture of vinegar and bicarb to clean).

    It's already been noted in this thread :T
    budgeteer wrote: »
    I think there is a difference between malt vinegar and non brewed condiment, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is, or whether using it would have different result

    NBC is manufactured acetic acid; chemically no different from vinegar, but vinegar has more impurities, so more depth of flavour, so better fro cooking and on your chips, but fine for cleaning :cool:

    The only time I use white vinegar is for light pickles.
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  • poorbabe
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    I'm glad Martin included this in his weekly email. I've always bought the 'white' vinegar for conditioning/descaling and wondered if the brown was just as good. I'll be switching from my next shop.
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