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cheap brown vinegar works for...?



  • comping_cat
    comping_cat Posts: 24,006 Forumite
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    How much are you supposed to put in?

    And do you get much static?
  • mummytofour
    mummytofour Posts: 2,636 Forumite
    What a fab tip thank you!
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  • black-saturn
    black-saturn Posts: 13,937 Forumite
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    catowen wrote:
    And do you get much static?
    No I dont get any but then again I havn't got a tumble drier.
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  • calleyw
    calleyw Posts: 9,822 Forumite
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    I put in about a tablespoon sometimes two just depends.

    I use the distilled stuff. Not sure why but I always have done.


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  • Rebob
    Rebob Posts: 1,010 Forumite
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    I use malt vinegar and use the same as I would use softner.
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  • What about the smell - do you use an essential oil in brown vinegar too?
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  • apple_mint
    apple_mint Posts: 1,102 Forumite
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    I use brown vinegar (I buy it in a large container from costco and decant into smaller botters for the laundery room). I fill it to the same point as the fabric conditioner level in the dispenser. I don't add any oils etc. my wash just comes out smelling of ... well nothing ;) Just clean and fresh. Having used this method for some time now ... we can instantly smell the chemicals of fabric conditioner on other people's clothes. I just prefer smell of the nice lovely expensive perfume my OH buys me :D
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  • I use brown I must admit as it was all I could find at the time and I've not noticed any problems, even on my lovely white sheets. My WM only allows 'concentrated amounts' in the dispenser, ie I can't fit a whole cap of normal unconcetrated fabric conditioner in there. So I just fill up to the max mark, it can't be more than a couple of tablespoons at most.
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  • HappySad
    HappySad Posts: 2,021 Forumite
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    Just got a whole load of malt vinegar from Netto @ 17p each. Would this be OK for cleaning shower head? Or should I use white vinegar?

    Thread below about my shower cleaning.
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  • RacyRed
    RacyRed Posts: 4,930 Forumite
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    I regularly use malt vinegar (and a peg on my nose) to clean my shower head Not had any problems with it.
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