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cheap brown vinegar works for...?



  • Yes! It'll be diluted so will make no difference.
    Put the kettle on. ;)
  • amandada
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    Thank you! The logical side of me thought so but thought it best to check :)
  • Glad to have been helpful. :)
    Put the kettle on. ;)
  • hi all, just reading up about saving on my household cleaning products and with the white vinegar which seems to work for eveything, is that excactly what it is you have to use? As i have the brown malt stuff in the cupboard will that work or will it discolour things? Sorry for the silly question!
  • maman
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    I use brown for softener win my washing and it's absolutely fine. Can't imagine it'd be a problem for limescale on taps either.
  • No it won't colour anything.

    I use it daily from cleaning windows to a final rinse for my white fluffy towels.
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  • thanks! Means i can get started quicker then! Do you just put the vinegar where the fabric conditioner goes when you are doing towels? Or both of them?
  • At some point will have to try vinegar for washing, partner very sensitive so am cautious

    Just run out of white vinegar for killing weeds is malt vinegar any good?
  • Hello Everyone,
    I just wanted to bump this brilliant thread with my use for vinegar.

    Unfortunately, I have an issue that allows me to tap dance with my feet....without tap shoes.

    Walking around barefoot, bouncing around to workouts while being over-weight, etc can really mess up my feet to the point where I literally have hooves.

    To remove hardened skin from the soles of my feet and make them strappy-shoes worthy:

    I half fill a shallow tray-bucket with warm water - hot water can further dry out skin, so I make sure it's just warm. If I had a home foot spa, I would definitely use that instead of a shallow bucket.

    I add a good cup of vinegar to the water.

    I add a little splash of shower gel or facial wash to the water - any gentle skin washing detergent should be fine.

    (On occasion I have added other softening agents to the water, for example, I have added kaolin clay, for its soothing properties, but to be honest, it isn't necessary to add anything else to the foot bath at all).

    Now I sit back, feet immersed in the water for upwards of 15 minutes. The hard skin on the soles of my feet begins to soften and turn pale.

    Now I PAT my foot dry, so it's still damp and then I place my foot over a towel.

    I use a pumice stone or the hard skin grater to remove this softened thick skin on the soles. I repeat the process as many times as I feel is appropriate by re-soaking my feet in the warm water (I add more warm water if I need to) and using my foot tool.

    I also clean and push back my softened cuticles, clip and buff my toes nails, etc.

    It is good practice to use a few moisturizing and barrier creams afterward to keep the skin soft and supple.

    I can even do this a few times a week to ensure my feet are beautifully soft. Vinegar is truly great.
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