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  • S4311y
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    evab wrote:

    I've just been to Banardos in Rhyl, and although I haven't seen any designer gear yet but I brought some clothes for my little girl that were Boots Mini Mode and George brand new for £1-£2!

    They are donated in kind and are all brand new.

    I too have a barnardos in my local town (Dereham) & have to agree that they are very good for a number of reasons, unlike some charity shops they are well presented & do not have that "eau de charity shop" smell (LOL), alot of their clothing is given by bigger stores like M&S etc and they always have qaulity footwear from "Faith". I have also bought some lovely items from their for my kids and most of their things are at bargain prices :D ..Oh and they also accept credit/debit cards & cheques! A definet recommendation from me :T
  • HI Thought i would recomend HEADWAY charity shop Thornbridge avenue, Great barr, birmingham.

    I bought loads of bargains River-island jeans and top to match for £6.50. They have loads of Named brands and they are quite cheap compared to most!

    Lovely staff and the shop smells great, I am certainly going regularly and have recomended it to all my mates.

    TOPS were £1.50 to £3.95
    Jeans £3.50 to £5.00
    Trousers £2.95 and the shoes:
  • There is an Oxfam in Shirley, Southampton that sells wedding dresses. They are as new top designer dresses that have been used for displays, modelled on catwalks etc. They are not second hand bits of tat at all. The shop is not well advertised and is only open at certain times on certain days, but if you are getting married, want a stunning dress and want to save yourself several hundred pounds (£1500 reduced to £200 would be typical) and would give the money to charity rather than an overpriced dress shop! then check it out. They also have a very nice wedding gift list which many people use in addition to buying you a pressie!

    No I don't have any contact details, sorry.
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    SuzySF wrote:
    i just love them - but not going to say where i go !!!!!
    I find the best ones are the smaller charities such as FARA and DEBRA. There are still loads of bargains in the ones I go to, in confidential locations.

    IMHO, If you aren't going to tell, then it seems rather rude to post about your finds in a conversation that is about SHARING tips with others. :angry:
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    any in west yorkshire?
    Use your judgement, and above all, be honest with yourself. :)
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  • TheMoai wrote:
    As you'd imagine for that sort of area, the Oxfam at the top of Gloucester Road is full of very nice, recent, exc cond hardbacks, and loads of very expensive-looking shoes and handbags!

    The best value charity shop in the W8 area is Geranium, at the top of Earl's Court Rd, opposite the side entrance of Ken High St Waitrose. I got a pair of Gucci boots there for £10!

    Otherwise, Turnham Green Terrace is quite a good hunting ground, with Barnardos being the most reasonable.
  • Cerenia
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    Can anyone tell me any good ones, or how to get to any from Harvey Nichols London? In that area for this competeition makeover/photoshoot, and will have a few hours to wait, and dying to explore the posh area of london!

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    I quiet like the smaller charity shops such as Debra there's one in Manchester great for well known toys and books, last time they had all kids books at 10p and adult books at 50p for two. The toys leappad etc were around £3 with books incuded.
    I don't buy any clothing from there so not sure about the prices.
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Oxfam in Leamington Spa has some good finds occasionally - Got a goregeous leather Prada bag for £30 A lot but the leather is sooooo soft!!! Also got a DKNY dress there for £2.50.

    They also have a dedicated Oxfam book shop as well - brilliant for my college books occasionally especially in June/July.

    My favourite shop is a 2nd hand dress agency in the designer shop street - Park St, not charity but loads of designer goodies and really good prices.
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    Thankyou poshAudrey for the site details.
    I would like to recommend OPEN DOOR @ Newmarket which has a Shop in town near the clock tower and a more recent Charity Superstore(1 year old this week-Terry Waite is coming celebrate an official opening). This Charity daily demonstrates its committment to and via local projects and people, of a kind not necessarily regarded as spinworthy. (Regrettably,the Victorian notion of 'the deserving Poor' lives on. Plus ça change.....)
    Anyway, come and visit a non-rapacious Charity and you will NOT be disgusted to see books, clothing, furniture, all sorts priced above retail norms - as is too often the case. It is precisely because Open Door is NOT like this that I volunteer.
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