Great UK's Top Designer Charity Shops Hunt

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Great UK's Top Designer Charity Shops Hunt

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MSE_MartinMSE_Martin Money Saving ExpertMoneySaving Expert
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What's it about?

Pick the right charity shop and you can profit. The celebs in Hampstead or Belsize Park have been seen dropping of their old Manolo Blahniks into charity shops, and the footballers' wives set in Wilmslow probably do the same.

What to do

This hunt is to find the UK's best charity shops for designer goods and labels, so you can keep up with the Jones', but pay like the Steptoes.

Click reply to let me know where you've found a good designer charity shop. Please post using this format:

Shop name:
Examples of what you've spotted there:
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  • IMO I have found that the 'lower' end of the charity shops, meaning the ones that look like jumble sales :D They are the ones that your more likely to get the bargains in. Have a good rumage, you'll be surprised what you find. Yesterday I found some BNIB fly of London black leather wedge boots for £2.
    I also remember the words of my friends, but I would rather have enemies than friends like you :p

    :p would like to make it known that ZubeZubes avvy is a DHN, she's not dancing :o
  • SophySophy Forumite
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    Yeah, the Primark & Tesco clothes being sold for more than they cost new is a fairly common phemnomenon these days. As is a kind of belief that anything with a label on it is going to be valuable - you see worn, 4 seasons old D&G hoodies for more than they cost (which was not much) new in TK MAXX last autumn. Actually, I wish the charity shops well in getting the money (a thing is only worth what you're willing to pay for it) but these things just don't seem to insipre quick turn over. If only there was a time machine, I could recommend a dozen charity shops that were brilliant 5 years ago, but are fairly dismal now!
  • The Oxfam originals stores are always really good. Theres a particularly good one near oxford street. They are slightly more expensive than normal Oxfam, but far better quality clothes.

    I find british heart foundation really expensive. I once saw a top in there for £8 which I'd bought from Primark just a few weeks before for £2.

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  • RadRad Forumite
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    I would recomend any of the 8 that are in St Andrews. I was up there earlier in the summer and got a Karen Miller 3 piece suit for £8, my mum got a Wallis dress for £3. There was loads of good stuff but this might have been because all the students had just left for the summer and had donated a load of stuff.

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  • gooismeidgooismeid Forumite
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    Cheadle in Cheshire has five charity shops on the high street (including BHF, PDSA, St. Annes Hospice) and are regularly full of M&S, Next and Wallis stuff among the Primark, Tesco and Bon Marche rejects. I've even spotted a few DKNY and other designer label things in there, and the prices aren't that bad - a fiver or less for an M&S dress. Not exactly designer labels but I usually find something I like - having them all within a half-mile stretch of high street makes it very easy to trawl all of them in my lunch break! The St. Annes Hospice shop also has a special bridal department which admittedly I haven't visited but their window displays look really nice.
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  • SophySophy Forumite
    486 posts
    Incidentally, I do wish charity shops would find a method of cleaning clothes other than steam cleaning!! Yes, it's thorough, but that sickly sweet, slightly stale aroma is repellent! Takes about three spins in the machine and an overnight airing (preferably on a rainy, windy night) to get rid of the eau de charity shop smell.
  • Perhaps surprisingly, Cancer Research in Hounslow High Street produces some great finds. It's a clearance store and most items are priced at £2 or £3. I have bought a Ralph Lauren jacket and Thomas Pink shirt, both in beautiful condition, for a grand sum of £5!
  • CereniaCerenia Forumite
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    I got a River Island blood red corset, still with the original labels (39.99) on for £2.50 from Hope House in Oswestry.

    Also had a Morgan dress for £4, sold on for £18, from same place.

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  • JennyBJennyB Forumite
    224 posts
    Has anyone been to the Oxfam on King's Road (SW10 0LR)? I heard it was very good for designer bargains but I haven't been there myself. Looking forward to seeing the results for this hunt as I love good quality clothes but I'm too broke to afford them at the moment!
  • maryinkmaryink Forumite
    12 posts
    Chalfont St. Peter! There are 2 or 3 shops on the high street where I've spied Versace black jeans, size zilch naturally, for a tenner, loads of designer and vintage party frocks, and my own favorite oversized polaroid sunspecs from the Netherlands, vintage 1972-ish, dead ringers for the 160 quid Dior pair in the shop next door, which I bought for a pound. (So I can go round thinking I look like Paris Hilton when I really look like Jarvis Cocker - tee hee.)

    However my favorite charity shop of all time is the Harlington Hospice on Harlington High Street. Half of what DH & I really wear and love comes from the 50p rail there. And such a good cause...
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