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  • idle5
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    Lolstoo wrote: »
    As I am quite a new member on the forum I am not yet permitted to post links but if you do the usual www. then spiceuk then .com you can find it and there are people of all ages :T

    Thanks for this Lolstoo, only just come back and didn't want clearvisor to think me rude. You can also google on Spice and they come up top.
  • idle5
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    clearvisor wrote: »
    Idle, Hello, Is there a link to spice and explorer please,Being in age 60s would there be others this age group,thanks

    I am fairly new in Spice but i understand that being in your 60s wouldn't be a problem. Basically from the local events that I've done I get the impression that it's your outlook on life that's important. I've also been told from some of the long term members that it's often the older one's who put the youngester to shame!
  • I can HIGHLY recommend Spice. Been a member for last 5 years. Although I haven't personally been on any of the holidays, I've managed to make so many new friends and completely revolutionise my social life. Why just look for a company that you can just go and do a holidays with other single people. When you can join an organisation that will take care of your social life 52 weeks of the year.

    Now when I walk back into the office on a Monday morning and the 'Mood Hoover / Energy Vampire' colleagues are waiting to bring me down to their level, I just bound back in full of energy and with tales of what great experiences I've had this weekend:
    "I've been Walking with Wolves"
    "I've done Fire-eating & Breathing"
    "I've done a CSI Workshop Weekend"

    At the end of June, I am going to Center Parcs in Nottingham with 600 members for the weekend. Now that's one helluva fancy dress party to go to!!! Totally crazy and SO much fun. WOO HOO!!
  • idle5
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    I am 23 and am looking for a singles holiday with people of a similar age as none of my friends are into the same sorts of holidays as me (sight seeing/adventure as opposed to getting drunk every day and night) . Can anyone recommend a company that would suit me?

    Thanks :)

    Definately Exodus sound like they would fit the bill for you!:j
  • r9ichardc
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    I've done a half dozen spice holidays and found them a lot better than other single/group holidays - not just because of the destinations but my fellow spice travellers have always been very inclusive and out to get the most of the holiday.

    I've been to countries as varied as Costa Rica, Finland, Italy, Sri Lanka and have done the Grand Canyon rafting trip mentioned above (best thing I have ever/will ever do in my life)

    Really can't recommend Spice highly enough!
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    clearvisor wrote: »
    Idle, Hello, Is there a link to spice and explorer please,Being in age 60s would there be others this age group,thanks

    I've been a member of Spice UK (manchester) for 7 years and I've made really good friends whose ages range from early twenties to mid sixties.
    Age has never been a barrier and it's a very well organised and co-ordinated company with both local and national events. They have 'preview nights' where you can go along and see what's on offer. You can request a free no obligation brochure and see for yourself.
  • fyrynys
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    OutBreak Adventure offer small group walking holidays, no single supplements, very good value. Highly recommend the Morocco trip!
  • Hi
    I'm 26, and am looking to go on a Single/Solo holidays in the UK, and perhaps abroad. I'm wanting to travel with people of a similar age, but also happy to travel with people who are a mixed age too.
    And would you suggest to travel purely with other single travellers, or a mixture of single travellers and families?What companies do you recommend, and I feel a bit nervous about doing this as it's the first time I've considered doing this.
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    I havent been away, let alone out of the county i reside in, since july 1st 07. It's doing my head in. lol!
    Nearly got away last year, but stuipdly agreedy that I would let builders in, at time flight prices was reasonable. Then went stuipedly expensive.
    I dont care how I get away to be honest, if it's adding all the compoents up togethere, or getting a package from someone like the beach for instance.
    The problem i am finding, and also trying to keep cost's down. As I'm not sure how I will enjoy holiday without someone else. Is the single supplament bit. Some times package tours can work out cheap, but other time's seem like when you do it indivdualy, it can be cheaper, dependng upon timing I guess.
    I'm open to ideas of where I go. Thou I think Turkey, and even thou I have persoanlly seen its got allot more expensive over years, has everythiing for everyone. Sun,sea,sand, well ok no sangria, but raki instead. History, culture and late night disco's.

    Anyone else got any input, on reasonable trips to there then?
    I'm 30, but complete mad at times, and very conserative at others. So my age group is open.
    Anyone fancy coming in next couple of weeks(see what i mean about the mad part, lol)?
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    pandora205 wrote: »
    Well, I've been brave an applied to Pueblo Ingles though it's quite soon (30th July) so it may well be full up by now. I'm quite excited about doing this as it seems like a great combination of good company, some structure and low cost! Let's see how I get on.

    Thanks again for the recommendation saoirse.


    I think I should probably panic but Pueblo Ingles have accepted me as an Anglo so I'm off to Spain at the beginning of August:

    Off to trawl for cheap flights now.
    somewhere between Heaven and Woolworth's
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