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  • I can recommend Trek America having done a california tour with them last year. You can choose the level of 'comfort' which then feeds into the cost. Mine was one of their mainly camping trips which meant the cost was cheap as was the cost whilst there - cooking our own food really cuts this down. Only downside is that check which trip you are booking on as their 18-38 age range trips generally consist of people in their 20s. At 37 I was the oldest on my trip by 10 years though it didn't bother me. The trek guide said it was unusual to have anyone my age on those tours as people at 'that age' went for the more expensive comfort tours which are all age ranges. I'm looking to go to Vietnam with intrepid in December.
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    I can also highly recommend TrekAmerica. I used their sister company, Grand American Adventures (formerly Footloose) which caters for all ages, not just 18-38 which is TrekAmerica's range. With a group of 12 others, and a wonderful leader, I travelled to the Grand Canyon and other national parks and was able to do some strenuous hiking with like-minded people. This was a fantastic 50th birthday celebration for me :) The group consisted of several singles, a couple and a family, ages 17-60+ and we all got on really well. I was paired up with an American woman to share rooms in the lodgings, but the rooms are usually pretty big anyway so it was no problem. We mostly bought breakfasts/lunches in supermarkets and went out either as a large group or in smaller groups in the evenings.

    Now planning my next trip with them...
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    I can recommend Spice UK trips as well. Their programme offers a variety of types of trip and includes holidays from Exodus and Solos.
    They cover active holidays (including an extensive ski programme, rafting in the grand canyon and watersports holidays), sightseeing trips, plus chill out relaxation breaks.

    As Cagsy said, they also run activities throughout the UK through their local groups. Not done the firebreathing lessons yet, but am off up to Scotland on Friday with them for an activity break, and I did a guided walk last week, then a social planned in for the end of the month, and hand fed a leopard earlier this year!!

    I've been a member for about 5 years, and they're a great way for people to make new friends and to do things they wouldn't normally do on their own. It's not just for singles, couples are welcome too, but the majority of members are single.

    One of the big advantages is that as they book places for a group, you as an individual can often benefit from a discounted group rate.

    Apologies for coming across as a sales pitch- I've got so much out of my membership that I'm a big fan.

    And to echo the earlier comments- Adventura are now no more.
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    Having just split from the hubby I am thinking about going round the world on my own can any one who's been there/knows some one who's done some thing like this before give me a few hints as this is the biggest thing I've ever thought about :)

    Any thing where I can go and meet up with a group and do it that way?

    Links would be wonderful :)

    Thanks Guy's
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    don't forget the the oldies who are just as much fun

    Dropping a brand going great :D thanks Martin and team
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    Hi Ginger, I have travelled many places over the last few years on my own. I can highly recommend it, do what you want, when you want and meet lots of great people along the way. I purchased a 6 stop (not all have to be in different countries) ticket approx price £1000. You choose when, where you go, there are alternative number of stops/or fixed routes. Flight Centre or global village are the usually good for them. Star Alliance global tickets mean you can travel on BA, Quantas, Air New Zealand, Virgin and more.... the flexibility is great and most airlines allow you to choose seats well in advance. You can also tag smaller internal flights on these if you want to explore a bit more.
    I find the best thing is to look on websites like local tourist boards or trip advisor and pick smaller hotels, Inns or B&B you tend to not get swamped by the masses and in my experience you get great help from owners on things to do and see. I have even been out for meals/coffees with some or shared a glass or two of wine.:beer:

    Booking independently your hotels means you can avoid single supplements and get room rates not per person costs like in most packages. Would recommend you get a travel insurance that has good cover, as some cheap policies may not cover all activities/eventualities.:j
    I love Australia and have been to Sydney/Melbourne/Cairns and Perth. I have also travelled around and loved most of NZ, just hire a car/camper van grab a map and your away it so easy there. Fiji is great and 5* hotels are cheap compared to here, same as what you could pay for a B&B overnight in UK. Also stopped off in US, San Fran is a great town, plus NY. Any more advice let me know.
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    As well as having had some fantastic holidays with Explore, I have also enjoyed holidays with Voyages Jules Verne (VJV) who advertise a number of their holidays with no single room supplements - they do some interesting weekend breaks with lots of excursions included (particularly enjoyed Arts & Delights of Vienna).
  • I have used Just You three times now, once to USA and twice to Europe, and would completely recommend the company. There are no single supplements, and each time I went with them I had a fabulous holiday with friendly people, and absolutely everything is planned perfectly. Great company.
  • Hi,

    I used Exodus as a single traveller last year and went on an amazing two week trip from Delhi to Kathmandu with them! I would highly recommend Exodus to any other single travellers looking for an amazing experience. The groups are small (I believe normal Exodus trips have groups of 16 or less) and the age span of my group was over 35 years. My group got on well and almost always chose to eat together.

    Exodus have a great reputation, however it was the detailed trip reviews on the Exodus website that clinched it for me to travel with them in the first place. Not every review is positive, however you will see that the vast majority include pretty good feedback. They also run specific Solo Traveller Departure dates on some of their tours. I have got a three week overland trip in Africa booked with them for later this year!

    Exodus along with Explore, Imaginative Traveller, The Adventure Company and Intrepid (there are many other companies too!) all seem to offer similar style holidays. So compare the different companies to find a tour that inspires you and fits your budget. There are a large number of different trips and tours available. It is a chance to go somewhere that you have always been curious about but not wanted to travel to on your own. A few days in, it is like travelling with friends anyway.

    I would say if you are considering going on your first trip like this, to take the leap and go for it!

    Happy Travels!
  • I have been on couple of holidays in African and Turkey alone, and really enjoyed to been there alone. I have found the Nh Schiphol Airport 4* in Amsterdam at my budget cost fr £140.00 only. You just need to market research and look for the better one.. looks at for more information.

    enjoy holidays..:j
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    Robt72 wrote: »
    I went on holiday for a week with a company called Solo's Holidays. I had a great week in Rhodes and would definitely recommend them if you are alone and wish to travel on holiday. They look after you and its great fun.

    I have been with solos, they are pretty hit & miss. I would explore other companies first.
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