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I am a Bridezilla and my confession is....

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    RachRubyD wrote: »
    I've had a mental breakdown and gone bridezilla because my cousin has decided to get married the month before mine. Wouldn't mind but we had our save the dates out even before they got engaged. Only kicking off because literally more than half the guests now have fork out for 2 weddings close to one another and its gone and taken the shine of my wedding. We also have a 50th in the same week as their wedding and a 70th, an 18th, two 21sts and also my Hen do all in literally around the same time. Just don't know everyone is going to afford it all. Plus I literally looked like Regina George from Mean Girls screaming when they posted their save the dates and the brides ring is the main focus of the save the date as a large photo and its the EXACT SAME ENGAGEMENT RING AS MINE!!!!!!!!!! Like how popular is a ruby engagement really? I got mine as our dog was called ruby and died just before we got engaged sadly so was a nice memory of her and now that's even been ruined . Trying to be happy for them but really am fuming inside. I can just tell nearer the time am going to go full bridezilla haha.

    chill out and see the positive spin on this all. You cannot control it, you cannot change it, and going Bridezilla is going to do anything other than cause arguments

    There are six other events around the same time, what difference will one more event make?

    The positive spin is, because they are getting married first, you can observe their day as a practice (for yours) and pick up any last minute ideas, or realise things you don't like
    With love, POSR <3
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    We sent out invites last week and have had many responses already.

    One of DP's work colleagues asked if the invite was just for him. We said he could have a plus one if he wanted (I've never met this man. DP works with him and has never met his wife either)

    It turns out he wants to bring his wife and FOUR KIDS!!!!!

    Is he mental? I hate taking my kids to weddings!

    Four?! :eek: Genuinely never heard of anyone trying to spin a plus one into a plus five!
  • I'm a bridezilla and I'm years from being a bride yet only just planning our engagement party and we're wanting a long engagement to save up rather than pie the cost off on to my dad.
    Started with the guest list, I said that if my lovely h2b grand parents couldn't make it then he should ask some family-friends to come as although they live far away if they could make it his mum would have someone to talk to besides her partner and h2b's brother. (his parents are divorced and were closer to his dad's side of the family than his mums) long be hold granny and grandpa can't come, but he refused to ask the family friends to come when I asked him to. So we finalise the numbers for the catering a blooming say later his dad asks if they are invited and h2b says no I will invite them now. Erm what are they going to eat pally? The air? Everyone's left overs? Obviously I've not banned this addition but I have done a fair amout of complaining to my parents who said they'd just graze and order a take away when they get in.
    Secondly I don't want MiL2b to be in our wedding, she has nothing to do with us and sees us about once or twice a year. I'd much prefer his step mum to fill that role who we see every weekend and probably cried more than me when we got engaged!
  • Oh and I also forgot step-MiL2b said that her and FiL2b would pay for our engagement party (which is less than £400) and it never happened! I'm not fussed about the money but I wasn't fussed about a party until they mentioned it! Now I quite like the idea! (Wouldn't bother if we were going to get married this year but it'll be nice to celebrate seeing as the wedding is in the distant future)
    Then my grandma keeps asking me why my younger cousin is t invited and I've told her a thousand times why!
    He always ask for his GF to come too and we say yes and they say they will be there and you pay for it all and then they don't turn up and the day after they tell you she was too scared (as she has bad anxiety) plus he was goinng to announce that he was expecting at my brothers engagement party so what will he announce at mine? It's twins? Or a gremlin?
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