I am a Bridezilla and my confession is....

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Deep down I really want my guests to all match my colour scheme

(I would NEVER ask them, its just a bit of fun!!)
:rotfl:Ahahah got my signature removed for claiming MSE thought it was too boring :rotfl:


  • PhyzeldaPhyzelda Forumite
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    :rotfl:I'll join in

    I am a bridezilla and my confession is I don't want ladies in hats in my wedding photos.... I can't stand silly sized hats!!:rotfl:
  • Cat72Cat72 Forumite
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    Good game.
    Im a bridezilla and I am touchy about any females wearing white/ cream dresses to wedding- my dress my day ( but havent told anyone that !! ) - whoops have to lie down now !!
  • MrsKettMrsKett Forumite
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    I (was) a bridezilla, and I didn't want my bridesmaids hair to be as nice as mine!!

    (also, I soo know what you mean about cream/white - my dads girlfried wore white - how rude)
  • svjennisvjenni Forumite
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    I'm a bridezilla and want all the ladies to wear hats!
    Had a thrifty wedding 17-06-10:love:
    expecting triplets in Jul/ Aug 2012 :eek::eek::eek::grinheart:grinheart:grinheart
  • shellsuitshellsuit Forumite
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    svjenni wrote: »
    I'm a bridezilla and want all the ladies to wear hats!

    Ditto! I love wedding pics were the women are all dressed to the nines with hats on! :D
    Tank fly boss walk jam nitty gritty...
  • Sammy85_2Sammy85_2 Forumite
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    Im a bridezilla and i want my wedding to be better than anyone elses :-P
    :jProud mummy to a beautiful baby girl born 22/12/11 :j
  • I'm a bridezilla and I don't want my alcoholic MIL to be there, she's an embarrassment!!!
    :heart2: 'Tied the Knot' Saturday 9th October 2010 :heart2:
    :blushing: Member of Diet Club October 2010 Brides and Grooms :blushing:
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    Current Weight: 13 stone 2lbs
    Total loss: 21.8lbs :j
  • bubbles0169bubbles0169 Forumite
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    what a great thread frannyann but im such a nice bubbly person i dont think i can partake erm? let. me. think...

    im a bridezilla and i dont want my mother/sister to get hammered and make a fool of themselves

    that my groom makes it til the end of the night as he has a habit of goin to bed early

    that his dingal family of an aunty and uncle cant make it

    that my skin is perfect, either made up or natural!

    errr ill let someone else have a go
    I am not bossy I just have better ideas:p
  • laura2481laura2481 Forumite
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    I'm a bridezilla and my confession is: I want my mum to colour co-ordinate with my colour scheme but she's already picked out her favourite black and white hat and is looking for a new outfit to go with it. And my colour scheme is purple.

    And I had to threaten my mum with not taking her wedding dress shopping anymore if she didn't stop going on about having a veil because I DON'T WANT ONE!!! And I don't HAVE to wear earrings if I don't want. Aaaargh!

    I need to lie down now...
  • tabskittentabskitten Forumite
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    My confession is that i could not give two hoots about any of it much to my over excitable families and MILs horror!
    I think tabskitten is a crying, walking, sleeping, talking, living troll :cool:
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