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I am a Bridezilla and my confession is....



  • fairy_lights
    fairy_lights Forumite Posts: 9,220 Forumite
    3 of my guests are now pregnant and have happily told me that their babies will be at the ceremony and reception - couldn't they have ASKED me about this? I love kids but screaming babies isn't ideal plus I want people to be admiring me not the newborn babies
    Are you having other children at the wedding? I know a lot of people have a blanket ban on inviting kids these days. I think you'd be perfectly entitled to tell them they can't bring their babies along, all it would take is one scream at the wrong moment to ruin the ceremony :eek:
  • masterofnumbers
    masterofnumbers Forumite Posts: 26 Forumite
    Fairy lights I have 2 little flower girls and a lot of our friends / family also have kids (all over 3) so I'm happy to have the older ones - we even have father Christmas paying a visit to give them something to get excited about but I'm just dreading the babies. I had to take my nephew out of my sisters wedding (I was a BM)and I completely missed the ceremony - gutted!
  • psychopathbabble
    psychopathbabble Forumite Posts: 5,884
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    Really awful but I don't want a close friend as BM as she doesn't look great in photos... And sometimes just generally irritates me :o

    Ps I hate the smell of gypsophila too
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  • cashewnut
    cashewnut Forumite Posts: 362
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    ^If you have a friend who irritates you then you definitely shouldn't ask her to be bridesmaid! Tell her you need to keep costs down. I'm only having two bridesmaids myself.
  • masterofnumbers
    masterofnumbers Forumite Posts: 26 Forumite
    New Zilla confession, my cousin has just proposed to his girlfriend and I instantly thought "Please don't have yours before mine!"

    The same cousins girlfriend - oops fianc!e! is now incredibly interested in every single tiny detail about my wedding and I don't know if I'm being paranoid or not but I don't want to tell her anything in case she uses it!

    7 months to go today!
  • firebird082
    firebird082 Forumite Posts: 575 Forumite
    New Zilla confession, my cousin has just proposed to his girlfriend and I instantly thought "Please don't have yours before mine!"

    Oh good, it's not just me! My cousin proposed to his GF a month after OH proposed to me - they have now sent out a save the date for a month before our proposed date (we're doing church and reception venue separately, so loads more to organise before we can do our save the date). I can't help feeling a bit grumpy about that...(doesn't help that they are getting married on my birthday, which is when I was thinking of having my hen w/e :().
  • masterofnumbers
    masterofnumbers Forumite Posts: 26 Forumite
    How annoying! I am starting to wish that there was some kind of blanket ban on relatives proposing until after the original weddings!

    Good luck with all the organising - when are you thinking of having your wedding? I'm attempting to get my hen do booked and really struggling to find a date that everyone can do :(
  • firebird082
    firebird082 Forumite Posts: 575 Forumite
    I hope your cousin doesn't do what mine did then... :)

    We're tentatively booked for 14th May next year (ha, exactly a year today! Hadn't realised that :rotfl:).

    Hen do's are a flipping nightmare - I'm trying to organise one for a friend in the autumn, and even finding a date is proving nigh on impossible. I'm thinking for mine that I'm going to give the relevent girls a save the date for the hen do shortly as well!
  • masterofnumbers
    masterofnumbers Forumite Posts: 26 Forumite
    That's such a good idea! I'm trying to get mine booked for the beginning of November and whilst they all say they can make it I don't want to book and lose money if they cant (going indoor surfing so have to pay in advance)

    Ooooh 14th May that's exciting and it will be here before you know it.

    Mines 13th December (under 7 months to go not that I'm counting down or anything) starting to get excited now...
  • firebird082
    firebird082 Forumite Posts: 575 Forumite
    Indoor surfing sounds awesome! Where's that?

    Can you make them confirm and pay you the money before you book it?

    A December wedding sounds lovely. We seriously considered winter, but in the end went with the spring wedding I've always wanted (gives us a bit more time to organise as well!).
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