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I am a Bridezilla and my confession is....



  • Evil_Olive
    Evil_Olive Forumite Posts: 322
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    My confession is that I'm secretly embarrassed by a particular branch of my family who are Jeremy Kyle's dream guests.
    I have a friend who is a psychiatrist - I might send him over to 'further his research' and keep them from interacting with anyone else :D
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  • krustylouise
    krustylouise Forumite Posts: 1,501
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    I'm getting really stressed thinking nothing will get paid for on time!!! I can see me stressing the day before counting pennies out of my piggy...

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  • Long_tall_sally
    Long_tall_sally Forumite Posts: 1,086 Forumite
    I'm getting a bit stressed that my Mum & sister who had a row 8 months ago still show no sign of making up, despite my sister continuously trying so it looks like my Mum is deciding to not come to my wedding in case she "ends up rowing again with my sister & spoiling my day". Families!
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  • redfragglebiker
    redfragglebiker Forumite Posts: 856
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    Bridezilla rant coming up as if I don't vent somewhere I may well explode!!!
    The DJ we wanted got booked literally 5 MINUTES before we were due to xfer the deposit over and I can't find anyone I like nearly as much
    I want to book a vintage bus and trying to confirm the seating capapcity for this is like getting blood out of a damned stone. I'd go somewhere else but our venue has very low trees and they are the only company in the area that do a vintage single decker bus.
    If my mother mentions sodding gypophelia one more I shall end up ramming a bunch of it down her throat. No I am NOT having it in my bouquet, no I DON'T like it and no it's NOT a required thing to have no matter how mice you think it looks.
    My Mums husband has just gone and bought a suit that looks EXACTLY like the ones my dad/groom/bestman are wearing despite me purposely NOT putting him in a matching suit so my dad was clearly viable as part of the wedding party for the photos etc ( I like the guy but I didn't want him to match my dad etc as it didn't feel right - they didn't even meet till I had grown up and left home)
    My mother is driving me potty and seems to want to be part of EVERY decision. I get that's shes excited but she didn't even tell me she was getting married until about 2 months before the day and every time I say no to her about something I end up feeling like the bad guy. I'm involving her as much as I can but it feels like she's taking over!
    Everyone has a dark side... apparently mine is called Harold?!? :huh:
  • piglet25
    piglet25 Forumite Posts: 927
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    Gyp is a beautiful flower, however! To some people it can have a smell similar to that of cat wee so maybe if you tell your mum this it might put her off that particular issue? To me it doesn't smell, to some of my family its gut wrenching xx
  • AutumnLeaf
    AutumnLeaf Forumite Posts: 41 Forumite
    Hey folks,

    So, it's 6 weeks to my wedding. Trying to keep it low key with only my sister as bridesmaid (and 100 guests and a castle so maybe only partly succeeding!). OH and I have managed most of the planning and it's mostly under control.

    My family live at the other end of the country from where we do (and where the wedding will be) and I went up for a visit this weekend to sort out a few wedding things including my final dress fitting.

    I had really hoped this would be a nice occasion for my mum and I but frankly, it left me upset and annoyed. My mum suggested my sister come too and get her dress fitted at the same time. Predictably, she was late and when I came out in my dress, my mum was outside the shop waiting for my sister. She arrived, in a foul mood, and ranted to my mum about her week at work. They work in the same company. Meanwhile I was trying to change my shoes (in a massive dress) with no help from either of them.

    We then went to try on her dress which didn't fit and she produced the shoes she had bought to go with it. They are totally the wrong shade (ok, that it bridezilla but OH and I have put a lot of thought and effort into making this event look good and I didn't see them before they were produced at this event). She grudgingly said if I didn't like them, I could go out and buy shoes that I wanted and she would wear them.

    The next day, my sister insisted I come to visit her but was in a foul mood when I got there and told me she was "bored" hearing about weddings all the time and doesn't believe in love. She then laughed and said she should be more supportive but promptly changed the subject.

    I know she's having a bit of a difficult time at work and is really jaded with the dating scene but I am really annoyed and frankly quite close to telling her not to bother on the wedding day. I'm a very independent person and don't really need help organising the wedding but I would like a bit of support from her - even just an interest in how the day is going to develop and what her role will be.

    I can't wait to go on honeymoon - 2 weeks with OH and no family drama!
  • NoGoodNamesLeft
    NoGoodNamesLeft Forumite Posts: 161 Forumite
    I'm getting ratty with my future MIL. We are having a tiny wedding to keep costs down (about 45 people) and she is wanting to invite 6 people we have never even met!

    She is divorced, so we said she could bring a friend with her so she wouldn't be on her own - even though there will be other members of her family there, including her brother. Now she wants to add all these extra people from her church or that she met on the internet!

    We've rented out a small country house for the day and there are beds for 30 guests. I'm not filling 6 of them with her randoms and making our families drive home or pay a fortune for a taxi!

    She does have a tendancy to try and make every event about her and I'm worried that if we tell her no she'll find another way to be the centre of attention on the day. She's not above faking illness and I don't really want her ringing for an ambulance half way through our vows! :D

    Thanks for letting me rant. Feel better now actually :D
  • VintageLady
    VintageLady Forumite Posts: 63
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    edited 4 November 2014 at 9:39AM
    I have only been engaged for 3 weeks and already, it has begun!

    First thing was the engagement party. OH flatly said he didn't want to have a party so we agreed to have dinner with my parents and his parents. As my sister was already down last weekend we planned to do it then but on the Sunday as she would have spent all Saturday travelling. FIL2B moans on about it not being very far away (gave them 2 weeks notice and they're not doing anything that weekend anyway) and also decided that as his sister was around that weekend she can come too. Then had my sister on the phone saying "why the hell is all of OH's family invited and not ours?" explained the situation. OH said for me to invite my aunt but I had big rant because if you invite one you have to invite the rest and then it will be massive and we may as well have had a party anyway. OH's aunt never came anyway and we had to change the booking. I think the thing that got me most of all was FIL2B moaning and also just deciding without asking.

    Definitely keeping my eye on that one as he had already said that he will do my dad's speech for him since my dad hates that kind of thing. Will see if he says it a second time and then if he does will tell him to pipe down as I feel it totally undermines my dad.

    Have already threatened to elope but OH says this is fine by him so not much of a threat really!!

    P.S forgot to say that also my sister has told me she is chief bridesmaid and is already telling me what I should / shouldn't have / do. I want to do my own hair and make up as I think I'm pretty good at it but she is saying no you need someone to do for you. Also I want to make my own cake which she is saying no you need someone to do for you. It's all very stressful very soon.
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  • ruby_eskimo
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    Tinksbiz90 wrote: »
    1. I'm really annoyed that another girl in the office is getting married next year and I've got to wait until 2016 - I don't want to wait that long!

    This is pretty much me all over: every couple I know got together after us, got engaged after us and is now getting married before us! This did annoy me to start with but I'm feeling a lot more calm about it now because we haven't rushed and can have what we want rather than what's available.
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  • Tinksbiz - bless you ! my daughter was just as excited! Enjoy it all!
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