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I wanna find a new NHS dentist

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I wanna find a new NHS dentist

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iwannamotorbikeiwannamotorbike Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Health & Beauty MoneySaving

Apologies if you've already seen this, it was posted last week but I couldn't find it using a search.

For the second time in as many years my current NHS dentist is going private.

Anyone know how to search for a NHS dentist on the net or even any advice on a NHS dentist in Chester, Cheshire?

Appreciate any help


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  • tifftiff Forumite
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    No, but I know of one in Bristol if anyone needs it.

    Good luck in your search.
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  • elaine373elaine373 Forumite
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    I have the same problem as my dnetist has now gone private.I went to google anfd asked "how to find a nhs dentist". This is what it returned. Hope it helps,regards, Elaine
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  • culpepperculpepper Forumite
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    thats a very useful site:)
    We have been to 4 in the last 12 years.Just when you get comfortable with one they stop taking NHS. The last 3 did not even bother to mention they had stopped NHS treatment until we were due for our next checkups.
    I found the last one when I had chronic toothache and looked in the yellow pages.They are 5 miles away.
  • tobyjugtobyjug Forumite
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    I had great diffuculty finding a dentist in my area, the local health authority in your area should have a designated phone line that you can discuss any potential dentist vacancies with. I rang NHS Direct to get the number as I was having trouble contacting the right number.

    The phone line identified a couple of dentists in Worcestershire for me
  • heatherw_01heatherw_01 Forumite, Board Guide
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    My dentist has also gone private so I also have to find a new dentist.

    It seems that there are a lot of dentists that have gone private lately.
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  • DarrylDarryl Forumite
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    Allan - If you can't find one in Chester, consider travelling to Sale/Altrincham - there are loads in this area.

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  • fazer6fazer6 Forumite
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    You need to phone up your local primary care trust and ask to speak to contracter services. This is the deparment which is in charge of doctors, dentists, chiropodists... They'll be able to tell you if any practice in your area is still taking on NHS patients, and if there is a dental access scheme around - this is a sort of A&E for NHS dental treatment. I don't think you actually register with the dental access schemes you just sort of go along or phone for an appontment when you need some treatment. Contracter services should also be able to give you a list of dentists in your area if you want to go along in person to see if they're taking on nhs patients - you *might* have more luck in person.
  • Poppy9Poppy9 Forumite
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    Same problem here in Wales. It is now impossible to transfer to an NHS dentist.

    Perhaps a dentist can explain to me why they are going private. Their traininng was paid for by tax payers and for years they have earned a much better living than doctors or nurses who also provide health care. In addition dentists unlike other medical professionals work 9-5 Monday to Friday. I have never met a poor dentist. This moving over to Denplan is a con. Min. payment per adult is £14 per month that is £168 per year. Ok this covers routine treatment but as I paid just £22 for my last filling and £30 for 2 checkups (with scale and polish) what exactly am I getting for the extra £106? When my dentist went private they tried to use blackmail to get you to sign up by saying each dentist currently has 3000 patients and will only be taking on 1000. They are therefore quite happy for 2000 patients each (multiply by 4 for the 4 dentists in the practice) to go without a dentist. Nice committed health professionals (not). Obviously they are just looking forward to the £168,000 per year they will each collect. If you consider 4 dentist in one practice that equals £672,000 per year. If they employ 2 receptionists and 4 nursers that will cost approx. £90,000. Premises rent and overheads say £15,000. That leaves £567,000 between 4 = £140k each per year. Not a bad living for a 2/3rd cut in workload.

    If they are truely private it should be like seeing a private doctor. You make an appointment when you need to see one and pay the one off cost. As most check ups take less than 15 minutes the cost should be no more than £17 (based on £140k per year for 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year = £67 per hour). You only really need 1 check up per year.

    Final note it seems easy to get a private dentist but they insist you go on denplan. Is this fair? Should we be contacting the office of fair trading about unfair practices? BT, BG etc lost their monopoly to give customers more choice and cheaper prices. Denplan seems the new monopoly.

    Dentist discussion thread
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  • weaverweaver Forumite
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    Ive had the same problem. My dentist has gone private wants to charge:

    25.00 to register as private patient and I will pay 100% of any dental costs

    or 10.00 a month and I get 20% knocked of my treatment bill.

    Not many NHS dentists in my area, search NHS Direct and you can enter your postcode and it will tell you of all NHS dentists in your area.

    In the end I have taken out a policy with Foresters ( as a suggested health policy company in "The Money Diet" )It will cost me 16.99 a month and it covers eyes & teeth 100% costs upto a limit(115.00 eyes & 105.00 teeth plus physio,chiropractice etc.) They have 4 options starting at 6.00 a month to 22.00 a month. I ve only just joined so cant tell you how they are but with the cost of my contact lenses and dental registration & check ups I feel at least the first year I should cover the monthly fee.

    Hope this helps
    Thanks to everyone who posts comps :T
  • Poppy9Poppy9 Forumite
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    Have you tried getting a private dentist to take you if you are not on Denplan? They only really want Denplan patients because they are assured of a set amount of money per month.

    I too was going to use private health insurance until a colleague pointed out that no dentists locally would treat you privately if you weren't on Denplan.
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