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What have you baked today?



  • Angela
    Angela Posts: 1,533 Forumite
    Zazen999 wrote: »
    And now I'm making home made hoummus.
    I made this a couple of weeks ago but put too much tahinni paste in it spoilt it but was just about ok.
  • Made an Apple Pie and some jam tarts with the leftover pastry and there's a loaf in the breadmaker (if that counts!)
  • tiff
    tiff Posts: 6,608 Forumite
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    Gammon in coke in the slow cooker and just about to make peach crumble for afterwards. DH flew to America this morning for work so I like to have an easy Sunday dinner when its just me and the kids.
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  • Zazen999
    Zazen999 Posts: 6,183 Forumite
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    Angela wrote: »
    I made this a couple of weeks ago but put too much tahinni paste in it spoilt it but was just about ok.
    Ooh, I can see how. I just popped some sesame seeds in to give it that sesame taste; without too much.
  • Apart from Roast today I have made a magic chocolate pudding for dessert
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  • hornetgirl
    hornetgirl Posts: 6,147 Forumite
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    I made banana muffins for the first time today. I'm feeling quite proud of myself as one of the bananas was almost entirely black on the outside, and would usually have been thrown away - and I used the oven which was already hot from cooking chicken for lunch. I'm making progress!
    I have loads of carrots in the fridge, so might try doing some carrot muffins later in the week.
  • Artytarty
    Artytarty Posts: 2,642 Forumite
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    I made fruit scones today. I rolled them out too thin but theyre OKish.
    Then I made parsnip and apple soup. but the recipe said cooking apple and I used dessert apple. Now the soup is too sweet. Do you think if I added asqueeze of lemon juice that would do the trick?
    Or any other solutions?
    Thanks . Arty.
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  • angeltreats
    angeltreats Posts: 2,286 Forumite
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    I made a chicken and mushroom pie today. I haven't baked it yet because it's for tomorrow's dinner, but it's ready for DH to throw in the oven in time for me getting home from work. I made the pastry in my new food processor for the first time and was shocked at how easy and quick it was. I'm looking forward to eating it to see if it's as light as when I make it by hand!

    Also did another big batch of Anzac biscuits for my workmates on Tuesday (Australia Day). Half of the batch I made yesterday seems to have vanished - no idea how that could have happened. I'm sure my husband had nothing to do with it. ;)
  • tessasmum
    tessasmum Posts: 238 Forumite
    I have made a sponge for tea. I've also made a chocolate loaf cake and a coconut and cherry loaf cake to cut up for lunchboxes this week. Will be making some Twinks too this week - they go down very well in this family!
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  • morganlefay
    morganlefay Posts: 1,220 Forumite
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    I did delia's coffee walnut cake today. Her original recipe had a coffee buttercream top and filling, but in her last programme she 'updated' the recipe and said that nowadays she'd do it with mascarpone, into which you just whizz a bit of instant coffee powder and some sugar - much easier. So I thought I'd do that, but I only had coffee granules which I didn't think would dissolve in the mascarpone, and as the mascarpone seemed a bit sloppy I didn't want to dilute the granules with water, SO I added some sugar to the mascarpone and a slug of Camp coffee, and beat it all up, as instructed.
    It looked like non-drip paint, all sludgy, so I popped it in the fridge for an hour but it didn't stiffen up at all. The cake tasted delicious but I'll be going back to buttercream and I thought the mascarpone looked really nasty :eek:
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