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What have you baked today?



  • pawpurrs
    pawpurrs Posts: 3,910 Forumite
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    A what?! Lol! It sounds lovely & fattening though!
    Very fattening!
    Its a digestive and milk and dark choc base, filled with ice cream, then a bourbon caramel topping. :eek:
    Pawpurrs x ;)
  • ubamother
    ubamother Posts: 1,190 Forumite
    nutella oat biscuits and savoury cheese & bacon muffins for son's packed lunches during the week
    baked fishcakes for the freezer (does that count as baking?)
    My husband decided to make rock buns at 11.30 last night - don't know why, didn't ask, just enjoyed this morning!
  • Kazipoo
    Kazipoo Posts: 806 Forumite
    Mince and potatoes for tea, so used left over mince to make a pie for another day!
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  • Almo
    Almo Posts: 631 Forumite
    I've made millies cookies (oat and raisin version), high protein muffins, parmesan chicken nuggets and some fruit and nut chocolate drop things (no baking, but I'm including it). Wonder how long that lot will last?
  • play2day
    play2day Posts: 409 Forumite
    her you go mumof2

    this is the recipe i use
    8oz sr flour
    8oz sugar
    8oz porridge oats
    8oz margarine
    1tbsp golden syrup
    1tbsp hot water
    1/2 tsp bic soda
    mix flour, oats and sugar, melt marg, syrup and water in a pan stir in bic soda and add to dry mix, mix well, make smallish balls and put on greased tray and flatten slightly with a fork, 180oc for 15 mins, cool on the tray, you just want them golden in oven not brown

    8ozs = 225 grams

    this is the recipe from TWINKS FAMOUS HOBNOBS sorry not very good at poating links but can just about copy and paste . if you do i search the full thread she did will come up. its used loads in our house

    Massive thanks to you for posting this - and of course to Twink. I've just made these and the kids love them. x
  • jc2703
    jc2703 Posts: 1,780 Forumite
    Just made some flapjacks with a box of cereal that was reduced yesterday (kellogs Natures finest cherry & raspberry)

    Made the recipe up and it could have done with less butter but its edible!
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  • sexki11en
    sexki11en Posts: 1,286 Forumite
    Am just about to stick my first ever HM pizza in the oven. I LOVE my food mixer :rotfl:

    SK x
    After 4 years of heartache, 3 rounds of IVF and 1 loss :A - we are finally expecting our miracle Ki11en - May 2014 :j

    And a VERY surprise miracle in March 2017!
  • purpleivy
    purpleivy Posts: 3,573 Forumite
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    I have carrot and coriander soup for lunch. Have had hm battenburg, but that was what MIL made for us. The difference between HM and shop bought is amazing!

    Planning a lamb shanks recipe, a swedish one I have that is white wine based rather than red wine/tomatoes etc. I'm starting with a shoulder of lamb hacked into chunks, My last piece of local lamb till goodness knows when as my name hasn't come up on 'the list'. Rice pudding will go in the oven with that I think.

    Dunno what else?
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    Trying not to waste food!:j
    ETA Philosophy is wondering whether a Bloody Mary counts as a Smoothie
  • jc2703
    jc2703 Posts: 1,780 Forumite
    Lemon muffins cooling now!
    Climbing back on the OS wagon after a short vacation to Recklessness
    Quit Smoking 08/06/09
  • Have just baked my first wholemeal rolls and a small loaf, DD has made cupcakes with DS.
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