What have you baked today?

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What have you baked today?

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angeltreatsangeltreats Forumite
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edited 6 April 2010 at 8:45PM in Old Style MoneySaving
While I wait for the timer to go off, I'm just wondering who else is baking today and what yummy goodies they are making :D

It's Australia Day on Tuesday and I have several Aussie workmates so I've made some Anzac biscuits to bring to work.

Also while the oven was heated I thought I might as well make a cake so I've thrown a Victoria sponge in there and I'll sandwich it together with lemon curd, for a change.

Anyone else baked something tasty today?



  • ElliesmumElliesmum Forumite
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    Just jacket potatoes today - not quite the same I know... Yesterday it was a lemon drizzle cake, which is nearly gone and tomorrow it will be banana cake and twinks hob nobs.

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  • wssla00wssla00 Forumite
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    Quiche lorraine and vanilla ice cream (although not technically baked) to use up some cream and then later I will make toad in the hole and a chocolate fudge pudding

    Maybe even make some 4 ingredient scones using lemonade or some shortbread using cornflour... yum yum
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  • DaziDazi Forumite
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    Twinks, Aunt Sally's Apple cake and coffee & walnut muffins :)
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  • I made scones
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  • Mumof2_2Mumof2_2 Forumite
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    I've come over all domesticated! Done banana and choc chip muffins and lemon drizzle cake - yummy!!!!

    What are twinks? I've heard of them a few times but don't have a clue what they are :o
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  • jammy_dodgerjammy_dodger Forumite
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    cheese straws and jammy buns made here today , I'll try and find the link mumof2 for twinks i havent made them today as made some on friday
  • aliaddsaliadds Forumite
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    Just making this tortilla for tea which will be washed down with a glass of red.:)
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  • jammy_dodgerjammy_dodger Forumite
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    her you go mumof2

    this is the recipe i use
    8oz sr flour
    8oz sugar
    8oz porridge oats
    8oz margarine
    1tbsp golden syrup
    1tbsp hot water
    1/2 tsp bic soda
    mix flour, oats and sugar, melt marg, syrup and water in a pan stir in bic soda and add to dry mix, mix well, make smallish balls and put on greased tray and flatten slightly with a fork, 180oc for 15 mins, cool on the tray, you just want them golden in oven not brown

    8ozs = 225 grams

    this is the recipe from TWINKS FAMOUS HOBNOBS sorry not very good at poating links but can just about copy and paste . if you do i search the full thread she did will come up. its used loads in our house
  • yorkie18yorkie18 Forumite
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    All your baking sounds yummy :)

    I'm still starting out in my domestic goddess ways, but today I have prepared a lamb pie for tomorrow's dinner & baked some jam tarts with the left over pastry. Tomorrow I'm going to tackle mince pies (wrong time of year I know!!) :D
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  • Just made some yummy rice pud coz I had some reduced cream to use up, also I have roasted some butternut squash and peppers as they were looking a bit pityful in the fridge (not much life left in them) with which I shall make a soup. :)
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