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Cook Something Different Challenge



  • niklepic
    niklepic Posts: 276 Forumite
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    Lol was actually in hare and hounds a couple of days ago!!
  • BLUis
    BLUis Posts: 773 Forumite
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    edited 2 January 2010 at 2:19AM
    Can I join in too please? I have about 30 recipe books and am always printing out recipes off the internet. I have done a couple of Jamie recipes over Christmas, but I wont count these!

    I'm with you on the drooling over the James Martin books. I met him at the Good Food Show in Brum.....ppppppprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr OMG he is even more gorgeous in real life!
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  • puss14
    puss14 Posts: 310 Forumite
    I am in, Ive already cooked my new thing for the week, with my foray into pickled pork. I may have to adapt recipes to fit with what I have as things are a wee tight atm, but really that just makes it more fun:D
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  • beemuzed
    beemuzed Posts: 2,188 Forumite
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    Oooh, can I join you please? I too have shelves groaning with cookbooks accumulated over the past 42 years! My very first was a Good Housekeeping Book given by my aunt when we got engaged and I loved it! (Still do!) However, I have to confess that I've done far more reading recipes for pleasure than actually cooking them, so this would be a really enjoyable challenge to do. I'll spend a few more happy hours deciding what to try and then I'll choose one for next week.
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  • misskool
    misskool Posts: 12,832 Forumite
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    Nelski wrote: »
    Going to head to Warrington market on tuesday (apparantly you shouldnt buy fresh fish on a monday:confused:) to get some tuna:T and some other bits.

    No fishing over the weekend. Good fishmongers won't be open on a Monday as they will have no fresh fish.
  • kunekune
    kunekune Posts: 1,909 Forumite
    I'd like to be in this please: at least two new things a week. Actually I've been doing this for a few months, new recipes I've tried include banana tarte tatin, lemon tart (repeated successfully yesterday), and an oxtail casserole. I did dinner for friends last night in which the entire main course was first-time recipes! All thai style.

    My special goal with this relates to health. I have high blood pressure (medicated) and high cholesterol (not yet medicated) and I need to work on my diet. So the 'new' recipes are going to be low fat, low GI, and I'm starting to ork through Judith Wills "Top 200 low fat recipes". They're not particularly new flavours/ideas but the methods are a bit different from what I'd usually do.

    First goal, for the first week, using food I already have:
    Beefburgers with a tangy mayonnaise (dolled up mayonnaise, including yoghurt)
    Pork medallions with sauted apples
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  • katycocoa
    katycocoa Posts: 161 Forumite
    Can I join in too?

    Like others, I was thinking aboout this anyway-whilst flicking through my numerous copies of good food magazine, saying ' I should really try some of these recipes'

    Great thread, look forward to seeing what others are cooking
  • coco1980
    coco1980 Posts: 625 Forumite
    can i join too please oh and i have just been to asda and were saying we seem to have the same meals every week, have invested in some recipe books but would love to hear everyone elses ideas
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  • hotcookie101
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    I'm cooking something new again today, and have a chicken noodle broth on the mealplan for january which will be inspired by the fast warming soup from Nigel Slater's appetite, yum...
  • Ladyhawk
    Ladyhawk Posts: 2,064 Forumite
    I'm cooking something new again today

    I was given a recipe tin full of Philly recipes for Christmas... your choice looks really yummy... except I really don't like warm smoked salmon.

    My recipe is really boring... it is going to be roast vegeable tart. I have some puff pastry left from Christmas and some veg that I didn't know what to do with so they have been roasted.

    I have also made two loads of soup today. A chunky leek and lentil for the fridge (which is very yummy) and a mixed veg that was made up of off cuts, peelings and squidgy stuff that I froze down for this very reason. This will go into the freezer once it is cooled for another day.
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