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Cook Something Different Challenge



  • misskool
    misskool Posts: 12,832 Forumite
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    Yes please, I shall try. I have no cookbooks and buy what's hanging around at the markets but we do eat a lot of the same meals just rehashed slightly differently.
  • sunflower76
    sunflower76 Posts: 560 Forumite
    edited 1 January 2010 at 6:40PM
    I had this exact thought two days ago so my meal plan for the week includes recipes from some of my recipe books that I seldom use.

    Tomorrow we'll be having Pumpkin & Apple Soup from the Abel & Cole book and on Sunday we'll be having Lamb Pasanda from the M&S Curry Bible that we were given as a Christmas gift.

    I'll add the recipes if they turn out well.
  • i'll join u pls
    i'm starting slimming world (again!) tomorrow so i will need to try new meals and i'm so fussy with food that i thought its about time i started trying new things so every sat nite i'm gonna try a new recipe.

    i have loads of cookbooks and cut outs and never use any but one cook book so need to start using there books before the moths eat them
  • focus888
    focus888 Posts: 1,483 Forumite
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    This sounds delicous, i think i might try and make this this weekend =D thanks for sharing. I think this thread could really help me be more adventous in the kitchen x
  • poolygal
    poolygal Posts: 27 Forumite
    I'll join, need a bit of motivation to expand my repertoire of meals! I'm not a bad cook, just sometimes don't plan too well. I may not be able to do a new experiment every week, work often gets in the way (I'm sure I'm not alone there!) but I'm determined to do at least two new dishes each month.

    First new dish - beef casserole. Not too exciting you may think, and I have made many before, but I got a new slow cooker at Christmas and I can't wait to try my new toy!
  • hotcookie101
    hotcookie101 Posts: 2,060 Forumite
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    Me too please :)
    My first new one was a blue cheese gravy with pork chops (although I had no regular cream so had to use creme fraiche-it was delicious :D)
    (I know its not from a cook book, but its new!) Have lots of new recipes planned for January though (do magazines count?)

    Love Jamie Olivers balsamic onions and spuds...
  • Rowan9
    Rowan9 Posts: 2,207 Forumite
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    ooooooh thanks for the link to that great site hotcookie! Those little cakes at the top of the recipe site look fab and I've already planned to make a few things. Haven't joined in this challenge yet as we are staying with DD this month.....hey! You know what? I'm in please. Haven't been able to join the Grocery Challenge this month but this is one I can do.
    Looking forward to it and to seeing what you are all making
  • Ladyhawk
    Ladyhawk Posts: 2,064 Forumite
    One of my favourite dishes (before I stopped eating pork) is baked pork fillet (tenderloin) which is so simple, very yummy and healthy.

    Brown off as much meat as you need in a frying pan.

    Lay the pork on a peice of foil, with random herbs from your garden (oregano, thyme, rosemary are the types of thing that I use but you can use anything) Squeeze a lemon over it and season with salt and pepper. Wrap up tight and bake in a preheated oven for about 30-40 minutes or until cooked.

    Serve with brown rice and veggies. There is usually quite a lot of juices that come out of it which can be served as a jus.

    Hope that helps someone!

    Any other easy ideas for 1 would be gratefully recieved! I am a good cook but get so bored just cooking for myself.
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  • freakyogre
    freakyogre Posts: 1,465 Forumite
    Funnily enough I posted something similar a couple of weeks ago and will be starting this next week, so please sign me up!

    I'll be trying for one new meal a week and it will either be something i've eaten before, but never made or something i've never eaten before (therefore never made either :p) I will be starting with falafel which i've never tried but always fancied.

    I sat and typed up some recipes last night to add to my collection, so will go through that over the weekend and pick out some for future weeks where I already have the ingredients.
    Grocery challenge - Nov: £52/£100
  • Nelski
    Nelski Posts: 15,197 Forumite
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    Ladyhawk wrote: »
    One of my favourite dishes (before I stopped eating pork) is baked pork fillet (tenderloin) :rotfl::rotfl:

    Any other easy ideas for 1 would be gratefully recieved! I am a good cook but get so bored just cooking for myself.

    that made me smile ladyhawk- I love pork so thanks for that

    btw Im a singlish gal too so I know what you mean about getting bored with same old same old. I am determined though to try some new ingredients and if need be do a lot of freezing:D I think I have my plan for one of the meals for this week.....can you believe I have never actually had fresh tuna (although I keep the dolphin free nets busy for my lunches:cool:) so I am heading towards a Marcus Wareing Seared Tuna Recipe which before I get detention I will try to find a link for or post up what im going to do. Now how and where to get one nice piece of fresh tuna in my town......the hunt is on:j

    Anyone else chose a recipe for next week yet?
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