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Esporta - cancelling gym membership

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  • I would like anyone thinking of joinin an Esporta Health Club to be aware that Esporta can introduce new regulations (their wording) without giving members any notice, even if they are making a substantive change in practice, and still demand 3 months notice when membership (of 4 years in my case) is cancelled because of the change.
    It is not even advisable to dispute the amount of notice and pay 2 months, as I did, as Esporta will still resort to a debt collection agency. Having had several letters from such a company and notice from Esporta's solicitor of county court action in Northampton, I reluctantly relented and paid the third month, plus late payment charge of £20, as members of my family were concerned that their own credit rating would be affected if a judgement went against anyone at our address; and I did not want to waste a day travelling to Northampton.
    Although having at the outset determined upon challenging Esporta's unfairness in court, if they took the case there, I felt too intimidated because of these two unforeseen factors to continue this course.
    In my case the debt collection agency dropped their admin charge of £40 as they had some sympathy with my position, but this amount would usually be payable as well. As the agency's representative said to me; Esporta is a private club and can do what it likes.
    The "new regulation" restricted guest passes to 6 per guest per year, after 4 years of having 3 for 2 promotional offers(guest passes cost £10 each) unrestricted. They would not even sell me 6 once the regulation had changed as I had already had my quota.
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    I am concerned that now Esporta have merged with Virgin they'll try and move us to a Virgin contract with another 12 months minimum membership. They're offering it at the moment but I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before it becomes essential.

    I presume I'm right in thinking that in order to move me to a new Virgin contract they'll need my permission and for me to sign the new contract?
  • When Virgin took over Holmes Place they didn't force anyone to move to a Virgin contract. I was still on the HP contract 3 years after they took over when I left to move to Esporta when I moved house.

    Although I have just moved to Virgin from Esporta as the new contract was £12 pm cheaper and only had a 1 month cancellation period (after the initial contract period), but yes, you do have to sign up for a new 12 month contract.
  • The contact number to the Esporta Head Office (not Virgin Head Office) is 011891235000
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    Please help!

    I joined Esporta in Finchley Road Jan 2011 when I was pregnant as they have a creche and many anti and post natal classes and child classes.
    Now I am moving to South London. I applied for a cancellation based on relocation. They suggeested I transfer my membership to where I am going.There is an Esporta gym and Virgin gym near me but either allow children at their gyms.

    In spite of this Esporta is saying that I have to give them three months notice from January, so in effect I need to pay until March 2012 regardless. But I wont be able to use the gym because they don't have a creche or any childrens classes.
    I feel like I am being put in a disadvantage position just because I have a child that I care for. Otherwise I would have been happy to transfer my membership.
    Surely this is very questionable...

    Would appreciate your input.

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    Hi can any one advise me regarding my problem with Exporta. My 19yr old daughter took out a single 12 month contract membership, after a couple of months we upgraded the membershipto a family membership so my autistic son could use the pool with me coming a long to watch. He went once and i could never get him to go again but we left it as a family membership hopeing he might. Later on My daughter had to move out of the area so requested to move her membership to another exporta gym, i gave a months notice beging of October 2011 as even if i was prepared to drive the extra to get there they do not allow chidren in the other club.. They said my daughter could not move her membership so she the gave them a months notice end of October. She has since moved abroad. Yesterday i was given some mail sent to her old address with 2 letters from exporta demarding she pays her family membership monthly subcription and a dept collectors letter threating her with a bill aprox £600
    I rang the club spoke to a manger who says they have no record of the months notice given by me or my daughter and she has to pay up to April when her contract runs out. He told me to ring back tomorrow to speak to some one else regarding the matter i hope it is the lady we handed our notices into with proof of new address. I do not know what to do, any way i wonder If you sign a contract with exporta is the contract still binding as virgin now owns the club and my daughter did not sign any thing with Virgin she wasn't even asked if she wanted to continue with the club now it has new owners.
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