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Esporta - cancelling gym membership

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  • Art_2Art_2 Forumite
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    I'm in agreement with Gavin83 on this. People sign contracts without reading them and then expect to walk away when they feel like it. A contract is binding on both parties.

    I am a member of Esporta and happy with my dealings with them. My club is well serviced with CCTV but not in the changing rooms where it is not allowed on privacy grounds.

    Anyone having items stolen should ensure the Police are informed and they carry out an investigation. If it's necessary to carry £800 of items with you to a gym then I would suggest getting some insurance.

  • kkc171kkc171 Forumite
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    My ex husband left January 2006 and continued paying for the family Esporta membership covering him, my son (who is now 31), my daughter (who is now 18) and myself. I was told by my son at the beginning of the year he was cancelling the membership and so I no longer used the gym. It appears he cancelled it in the end in May. My son firstly had a telephone call telling him he had to pay his membership fees as the DD had been cancelled, he said the membership had been cancelled by his dad and he didn't owe any fees. I then received a threatening letter saying I owed over £200 for a months membership and if I didn't pay the matter would be passed to debt collectors. A few emails went back and forth between Esporta and myself in which I said the ex cancelled the membership and that is why the DD was cancelled and they saying only the membership for himself was not cancelled and not for the kids and myself, nothing constructive. There is no communication between the ex and myself, but I did manage to get a response email from him which said "I thought I cancelled the membership", I sent this email to Esporta and this morning I have a debt collectors letter for £466.00!!!! I immediately got on the phone to tell them I don't owe Esporta any money and I disputed it. The person refused to deal with me. It looks as though the next step of debt collectors knocking on my door or Court proceedings will follow after ten days. CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE.
  • An update on Esporta is I have this morning received a letter from Trevor Munn stating that if I do not pay £466 iin ten days they will be taking me to Court, but contact in reply has to be made to ARC to whom I have already disputed I owe any money. CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE
  • Don't worry they are just threatening you, tell them you dispute the claim and go to court, what is the worst that can happen, you'll have to pay, but you might as well go to court and not let them steal your money. I guarantee you will win the court case as you have not used the gym, and therefore do not owe them anything dispite you having signed a contract.
  • this site got me out of the mess, otherwise try other no win-no fee sites there are many around
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  • I have also tried to cancel my membership.

    I have used the gym for over 18 months, as a "joint membership".

    I parted company with the lady who I had a joint membership with, and was told by Esporta that they would "separate the account and charge me £10 per month while I was away", as I am working away from the UK at the moment.

    I have tried to cancel my membership but have been told that I am due to pay until the 30th of December 2010.

    1) What am I due to pay?? This was originally a joint membership where her bank details were provided, not mine! We have passed the 12 month period. Why do I need to provide 90 days notice? I am confused, am I due to pay the full single amount, or the joint amount? I have not signed for anything other than the original contract.

    2) On the 19th of September I was told that our accounts had been separated and that I would be charged £10 per month from October the 1st.

    3) I received a separate email demanding direct debit details on the 25th of September, while I was away on holiday, which I did not see. Informing me that unless I provided direct debit details the £10.00 would not stand. This was NOT stated on the email of the 19th.

    4) I received a further email on the 2nd of October stating that I was liable for the full amount as I had not provided direct debit details, therefore the £10.00 per month did not stand, and now I am in arrears, very aggressive!

    5) I asked for the account to be terminated and that I was happy to pay my original charge of £60.00 per month for a 30 day period from the 25th of September when I requested the account terminated.

    I was then emailed this:-

    "I acknowledge the contents of your email however, the terms and conditions of your membership clearly state that three full calendar month's written notice are required to cancel your membership. Terms and conditions of membership are signed by you upon joining.

    The Terms and Conditions of Esporta membership have undergone a great deal of scrutiny to ensure that they are both legally acceptable and also fair to the customer. To this extent they have been sent to the Office of Fair Trading and also reviewed by our company solicitor.

    We have noted on our records to end your club membership on 31st December 2010. Please note that you are obliged to make payment for remaining membership fees; we will seek to enforce payment if necessary. "

    I particularly enjoyed this part:- "and also fair to the customer".

    Does anyone have any further advice? I hardly think I have been unfair, I haven't used the gym for 5 months as I have been away, I completed my 12 month term, and now I'm being penalised.

    I have some friends in the legal world I will be contacting on Monday, but wondered if there was a "fast track" method to resolving this?
  • The most important thing is you DO NOT PAY, let them take you to court rather then you taking them to court, you do not even need a lawyer as these cases are so simple to solve
  • I joined Esporta in June 2010 as i was living & working in Cardiff at the time.
    Due to a family emergency i had to pack my entire house and move to Frome in Somerset.

    At this point i had not even used the gym once as all this stuff happened so quickly and my mind filled with other things.

    I then tried to cancel this contract, but found there was a 3 month cooling off period but i had to send proof.
    I then sent proof of moving to a new address and work etc.

    Yet still Jan 2011 they are taking money out of my account. That is 7 Months worth of money.
    £46x7 = £322 pounds. for something i never used or owned.
    And they are still continuing to take my money.

    To me this is stealing from any way you look at it, it stealing.
    Cant they make money legitimately?
    Do they have to steal money from people who don't have any to make a profit?

    I'm shooting a documentary on fitness clubs now as i'm in the media and this is my only weapon of justice.
    If any one would like to help out with their stories, or possibly their legal expertise it would be greatly appreciated.

    Lets bring this form of daylight robbery to a stop!
    Who is with me?

    wezleyjoao at hotmail dot com
  • After three years membership at Esporta Hemel Hempstead I cancelled my membership one month before the anniversary of joining. There was no problem encountered.

    On a separate matter, I am aware of a number of people who renegotiated their subscription by leaving and rejoining at a lower fee (without paying a joining fee), renegotiated on the anniversary (there are plenty of alternatives), obtained a company discount or indeed just gave a one month and one day notice. Esporta, and probably many other clubs, appear to be on the brink of failure so every penny they grab from leaving members is crutial to them. There are plenty of classes at local halls, wii fit or even walking, cycling and gardening. I suspect the height of the health club fad is now in the past.
  • Does anyone have numbers and contact details of Head Office?
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