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  • John_PierpointJohn_Pierpoint Forumite
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    mumof3mk wrote: »
    would you be able to send in for example.......................

    silver plated.
    plated silver
    silver or gold tone

    things like knifes, forks, spoons, candlesticks....... if they were gold, silver, or silver plate?
    please, can someone reply, so i know what i can and cant sell

    What they want is "commodity" gold - presumably for the jewellery or investment bullion market.
    They will take commodity silver, but given the postal costs it comes in useful as a make weight addition to the gold, ie make sure you are not wasting any of the postal costs.
    Don't think they want plated stuff, especially as there are three ways of making plated silver, which can look like the real thing - until polishing makes the substrate start showing through.
    I remember reading on the HGM website some cautionary stories about the likes of the consignment of Indian "gold" bangles, that were copper inside.

    If in doubt send HGM an Email?
  • karencoopeykarencoopey Forumite
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    Cannot praise them enough I sent what I thought was 104 grams of scrap mainly broken gold, including a bracelet not stamped, they weighed it sent me an e-mail to say amount differed and was actually more, I received payment in my bank account at £10.21 per gram which was far more than any jewelry shop would give me.
    I was a little nervous putting in post, but paid for insurance of item.
    Posted Friday, in my bank Tuesday, emails sent to confirm receipt- really pleased with no hassle service and believe good value for money.

    I will certainly recommend and use again:
  • shalsyshalsy Forumite
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    After reading the reviews on here, I sent off my gold yesterday afternoon (special delivery) and the money was paid into my bank account today. at £10.21 per gram, the price is much higher than anywhere else I looked. Would definitely use again and would recommend to others:T
  • Just dealt with HGM for the second time in a couple of months. On both occasions the speed with which they processed payment left me astounded ( within couple of hours of their receiving gold by special delivery) and payment sent tallies exactly with my own guesstimate based on using wife's kitchen scales. If only other coy's could be as efficient wouldn't life be simple!!!!!:beer:
  • Registered with the company yesterday and posted some 9ct gold. It got there today and I had an e-mail before noon confirming the weight and amount (just as expected) and advising me that the money had been transferred to my account. The cleared funds showed up well within two hours of the e-mail being sent.

    A local jeweller had offered a little under half Hatton's figure a couple of days ago.

    Hattons does what it says on the tin.
  • debt_buster_4debt_buster_4 Forumite
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    Used Hatton Garden Metals last week.

    Was sceptical but as it was recommended on the MSE website, I thought I'd try it.

    All I can say is I received an excellent service.

    I had quotes for approx 40g 9ct of gold (one item unhallmarked) in 3 local jewellers. They quoted £330, £330 and £299. Another wouldn't entertain the unhallmarked gold.

    I sent them to HGM on Friday by Special Delivery. It was delivered mid morning on Monday. I got an email shortly after saying it had been received, confirming the weight and was transferred to my bank around lunchtime.

    The best part was the amount received. Just over £400 which was about the price calculated on their website before sending.

    No problems, would use again without a doubt. :money::money::money:
  • rimmibarimmiba Forumite
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    I used Hatton Garden Metals last month to sell some broken gold pieces.

    I placed the order online on Wednesday night, posted the gold on Thursday morning, and the money was in my account on Saturday morning.

    I compared prices being offered and theirs came out best. Their service was fabulous. I would use them again without hesitation.
  • shanebeashanebea Forumite
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    Sent in a gold coin yesterday, payment was in my account today. Top rate paid, no fuss, excellent service all round - highly recommended.
  • Mushy61Mushy61 Forumite
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    Sent off some old gold chains/bracelets yesterday afternoon by Special delivery, got an email off Gary at HGM this morning, just checked my bank account and the money is in there at 11am.
    Excellent service and well recommended.

  • I must admit that I was a little apprehensive when I posted my gold to Hatton Garden Metals yesterday by special delivery. Approx 56 grams of 9ct gold. I couldnt believe it this morning when I received an email from Gary stating that he had received the gold and the money had already been paid into my account. I checked my bank account and the money was there. What a brilliant , top rate service. Thankyou.:T:T:T
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