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  • I cannot praise this company enough. They do completely what they say they are going to do.

    I posted my gold to them by special delivery yesterday at 5pm and I received an email telling me how much I would be getting from them at 11am today by 12 noon the money was in my account! Astounding!!!

    I had two valuations locally in Yorkshire for my gold and both came in at a similar price but Hatton out priced them by at least 20% more! (That includes me deducting the cost of postage and insurance first which was £6.30)

    Hatton was suggested to me by my boyfriend and he suggested I read this thread first to make sure I was happy. I was completely confident sending my gold off as so many people can't be wrong. The biggest risk was using Royal Mail but I made sure that I took out enough insurance so no risk really.

    A big thanks to Hatton, MSE and my boyfriend who I am sure I will treat with the proceeds :kisses:
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    mandytyler wrote: »
    A big thanks to Hatton, MSE and my boyfriend who I am sure I will treat with the proceeds :kisses:
    Well there's one newbie post I can absolutely guarantee isn't a spammer ;):D

  • Well I am gobsmacked. Having checked here and other sites it was clear that Hatton Garden Metals were receiving very good feedback. Yesterday afternoon I sent them a package by special delivery and blow me down the proceeds of over £1000 are on my account already. The whole process is easy and their weighing was slightly higher than mine so that is honesty for you.
    A very satified customer and recommended.
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    I am very, very impressed by this company. After reading this thread I decided (nervously) to send a few old bits to them. I sent my parcel off yesterday morning by special delivery which cost £5.05.

    I recieved an email from Gary at Hatton Garden Metals around 11 a.m this morning to tell me how much it was worth and the money had been sent. I've just checked my bank and the money is there already. Fantastic service :T thank you!

    I would definitely recommend using Hatton Garden Metals.
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    Sent off scrap gold yesterday. By 11.30am today the weight and price had been confirmed and the proceeds sent to my account. I've just checked and the funds have arrived. A great service. If I'd gone with Tesco Gold, which I initially thought about, I would have been £100 worse off.
  • I sent off about 50g of Silver last Thursday, as it was only valued about £22 pounds I took the risk and sent it recorded rather than paying for special, as then at least I would have confirmation they had received it, if I had large amounts to send/gold then I would have done special.

    I got an email lunchtime on Friday (when Royal Mail hadn't even confirmed it had been signed for yet!) to confirm there was 55g there and I'd get nearly £25 - I underestimated because there were a few stones in things.

    I opted for cheque and it arrived on Saturday - fantastic service!

    I sent some broken chains, some necklaces where the chains were so short I couldn't wear them and they weren't that nice anyway and a few very battered rings and as part of my decluttering I'm very glad I did this - thanks to everyone who posted on here - I read through the whole thread before deciding whether to go with Hattons and very glad I did!
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  • Sent an unwanted 22ct gold bracelet to HGM yesterday and though I can't complain about the speed of their service as I already have the money, I am disappointed about their evaulation of it.

    It was bought in the duty free shop in Bahrain airport so I am pretty confident it was actually 22ct, but because it did not have a UK hallmark they only offered me the rate for 20ct (slightly confused as I thought they would test it's purity). I did though accept because the rate was still competive against many other companies rate for 22ct.
  • Posted gold at 14.57 yesterday. Package contained odd earrings, a few broken chains, an 18ct gold necklace and a brooch.

    the weights on my digital kitchen scales were

    9ct x 6g
    14ct x 3g
    18ct x 5g

    They weighed them as

    9ct x 6g
    14ct x 2.5g
    18ct x 4.6g

    There was a small cz stone in one earring which would account for a small discrepancy.

    I got £189.81 which was a bit less money than I was expecting, I was quoted nearly £205.

    However, the money was in my bank account before midday today and I have still received over £60 more than I would have got on the high street even after deducting the cost of special delivery!

    So all in all I am happy and would use Hatton Garden Metals again. I am amazed at how speedy their service is! :)
  • Sent off 34g of broken gold and a few chains yesterday. They weighed it as 38.8g and I had the money straight in my bank today. I cant believe how easy it was. I certainly wond miss the gold as it must be getting on for 10 years since I had worn any of it.
  • I used their service a couple of weeks ago. I was quite impressed and the money was in my bank by lunch time. I too don't think that they test the gold unless you ask them to. I sent in an old chain and earings that I never wear. I suggested that they were 14 ct gold but stupidly after I had posted them remembered that they were approx 22ct. They were given to me as a present but I know they were bought in Saudi. They weren't hallmarked but needless to say that I was paid on the 14ct weight. It's my own fault for not thinking:cool:
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