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  • pat26_2pat26_2 Forumite
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    Used this company today - excellent service, paid me more than I expected from my calculations at home. I enclosed an unmarked ring as ?9ct and they paid me for 18ct so I can't fault them at all. Very, very impressed.
  • loolalouloolalou Forumite
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    I always read threads on MSE but felt I should put my feedback on this for the first time since this was where I found it myself!
    I sorted some old gold out that I never wear from a jewellery box that I've had for yonks & thought I'd sell it for a few pounds. After looking on ebay, similar jewellery wasn't really selling well so I started looking at sending it in to one of the gold buyers. I looked at this thread on MSE & decided to go with HGM as they had much better feedback than some of the dodgy looking companies.
    I weighed the gold on digital kitchen scales & it came up at 25g, but borrowed a friend's gold scales & it came up at 21.1g, so just a tip to use reliable scales if you want a nearer quote.
    I sent it yesterday by Special Delivery, they received it today & paid me £210.77 for 21.1g of 9ct, which was also in my bank by transfer today too. :D
    I'm really pleased with their service & how fast they gave me my money. The whole thing only cost me the postage to get the jewellery to them, which was just over £5. The other companies I was looking at beforehand had charges all over the place, like £15 for a bank transfer which is clearly just a rip off.
    I'd absolutely recommend HGM to anyone, I only had a handful of old 9ct gold & had no idea it would be worth so much. It has gone into the fund for my husband's car when he passes his test! :T
  • nexus2011nexus2011 Forumite
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    Why do most people praising always have a post rating of 1-10 ?
  • JDPowerJDPower Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    nexus2011 wrote: »
    Why do most people praising always have a post rating of 1-10 ?
    Because Hatton email all their customers asking them to leave a positive comment here.
  • after sending the gold monday morning by special delivery i had an email tuesday to say that the money had been paid into my account , easier than going into town and having 50% more than some prices quoted in town !!
    would recommend and use again , excellent service
  • jonnnojonnno Forumite
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    Well I have never done anything like this before so was feeling a little anxious when I sent the parcel yesterday ... but I've just had an email and and checked the bank account and received £75 more than I anticipiated. My scales are not that accurate it would seem!

    Excellent service
    :wave: Hello Mum

    If you notice this notice you will notice it is not worth noticing :heartpuls
  • mumof3mkmumof3mk Forumite
    243 posts
    apart from gold/silver jewellery. etc. what else would hatton accept please....
    Im now a mum of 4 children. but dont know how to change my
  • rachel63rachel63 Forumite
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    customer no 31333 used this service as recommended by a freind for prompt sevice and how right she was was sent an email from gary saying how much my gold was worth and the money was in my account that afternoon brilliant service would recommend to anyone.
  • mumof3mkmumof3mk Forumite
    243 posts
    would you be able to send in for example.......................

    silver plated.
    plated silver
    silver or gold tone

    things like knifes, forks, spoons, candlesticks....... if they were gold, silver, or silver plate?
    please, can someone reply, so i know what i can and cant sell
    Im now a mum of 4 children. but dont know how to change my
  • I have used HGM twice now and am amazed by their response times. First time I posted off bangles late Wednesday afternoon, had an e-mail on Thursday pm and cheque arrived on Friday! Second time, posted late Monday pm, have had e-mail this afternoon and fully expect cheque to arrive tomorrow. Also, as gold price went up today from yesterday, they have paid me the higher rate! Now I can pay for my new piece of furniture totally painlessly! I have been telling friends about this company and would certainly recommend them based on my experience.
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