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This thread is specifically to discuss feedback on


For a step-by-step guide to flogging old jewellery, see Sell Your Gold.

If you've used this company, please can you tell us the following...
  • When did you use it?
  • What did you send it?
  • How much did it promise you?
  • How much did it deliver?
  • How efficient was the service?
  • If it didn't deliver the full amount, what was its reason?
  • Anything else other people should know?

Click reply below to discuss. If you haven’t already, join the forum to reply. If you aren’t sure how it all works, read our New to Forum? Intro Guide.

Thank you for your help

Important note for representatives of gold companies

We will be monitoring the threads, and if we believe any company has got its own representatives to deliberately post positive feedback (or negative on its competitors) it will be deleted, and we will count that as negatively towards any company's reliability and trustworthiness.



  • cjj_2
    cjj_2 Forumite Posts: 6,588
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    used hgm last month. knew exactly how much I would get as they tell you on the web how much they pay per gram. It was double what 2 local jewelers were paying. Enter how much in weight you are sending and then send special delivery I think (insured up to £500 I think, check with PO). Money in bank next day. No arguments over weight, agreed with me and the gold price actually went up on the day we traded so I got even more than I was expecting. Very happy:j
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  • Alexx
    Alexx Forumite Posts: 16 Forumite
    I used Hatton Garden Metals in October 2009. I weighed everything and got an estimate online. Sent the gold and silver off special delivery (with a form they asked me to print) and the payment was in my account the next day (very impressed) and was as expected. They kept me informed throughout. Very happy with the price and service for broken chains and rings that had stones missing etc..
    I sent just under 18g of 9ct gold and got just over £130 which was right for the estimate and price of gold at the time. I also sent some broken silver with that but the price for silver isnt that good generally but a couple of pounds in there was for the silver.
    I would recommend HGM to anyone (and have).
    Very happy too :T
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  • sunshinesquirrel
    sunshinesquirrel Forumite Posts: 390
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    I agree with the above posts. I have used them 3 times now. The last time I used them was on Monday. Posted off the gold, guaranteed special delivery to arrive yesterday and when I checked my bank, the cash was in my account by lunchtime. I did say in another post that before I used them the first time I was a bit sceptical but was really impressed and would recommend them to my friends. I had sent DH off to the local shopping centre at the weekend with the gold as a bit of an experiment to see what the local shops were offering and they weren't even offering half the price that HGM were. For some broken chains, bracelets, rings with stones missing and stuff I generally wont wear again I am really pleased to have some cash to pay off yet another chunk of the visa bill!! Here is what I sent off yesterday:
    9ct: 79.00 g @ £7.73 = £610.67
  • berna123
    berna123 Forumite Posts: 48 Forumite
    I used Hatton Garden Metals two weeks ago. I posted my gold on Tuesday 12.30 and the money was in my account the next morning. I sent them 20.8 grams of broken chains, single earings etc and received £157.04 which was a lot more than i was quoted in my High Street.
    I actually got more than i was quoted (only 4 quid but ever little helps)because the price had increased slightly that day i sent my gold.
  • ss1411
    ss1411 Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    I used this company last month after reading up on it from here. Fantastic service. Got quote on line, sent off special delivery, they phoned me next morning then emailed to tell me exact amount they were paying. Took 3 days for money to clear my account because it's a building society, but I got £282 - more than 3 times the £90 my local jeweller was going to pay!
  • Kimitatsu
    Kimitatsu Forumite Posts: 3,894 Forumite
    edited 18 November 2009 at 7:54PM
    I used them last month and was very impressed. Sent off the goods to arrive special delivery on Friday and the money was in my account on Tuesday. I was emailed the progress of my order every step of the way, and the guys there were very helpful and very prompt in replying to my queries.

    The ring and earrings I sent came to just under 5g of gold and I got about £70 for them so I was very pleased.

    I liked the fact that I could get a quote online BEFORE I sent my goods off - none of this sending it off and then haggling over the price.

    Excellent service, good prices and I would recommend them to others :T
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  • tigger69
    tigger69 Forumite Posts: 37 Forumite
    I have used Hatton twice over the last couple of months, they have been reliable, fair and speedy in both transactions. Would recommend this company.
  • I used the hatton garden metals at the recommendation of someone on this site (thanks) and I am very pleased I did . I sent in a small broken sleeper,a bracelet that was too small for me now with broken clasp, two lightweight chains (broken and non repairable) a half sovreign in a setting - I weighed the gold at the post office on the letter scales and then on theior web site they said how much that weight would be plus the value of the 1/2 soveriegn - i then gave the details for a BAS transfer on line - i then sent it via royal mail special delivery and they received the gold the next day and paid the agreed sum of money directly to my bank - they also sent me an email to confirm the transaction was complete. I thought they were very professional and I was very happy with the price I received- basically apart from the 1/2 sovereign all of the things I sent in were broken and of no use or sell on value- so great £200+ for the kitty!:rotfl:
  • Zennan101
    Zennan101 Forumite Posts: 8 Forumite
    I used HGM following recommendations on this site. I had been quoted £4.00/gm by local jeweller. HGM were offering £7.56/gm. Downloaded form and completed notification on line. Sent Gold and completed form by Royal Mail Special delivery. (cost £4.65). Next day received email acknowledgement of receipt confirming weight @ 99.6% of weight I gave from kitchen scales! I then received confirmation of sale at quoted rate. Payment was made by BACS to my account less than 24 hours after I had mailed item. Fantastic professional service.:T
  • fionak_2
    fionak_2 Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    Used HGM in October; good extremely good value & money was deposited the next day. Recommended
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