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  • I've used HGM 3 times - for myself & relatives. I've found them fast, reliable & honest. Their prices are the best I can find - but more importantly they do not try to reduce the weight of gold sent - which has happened to me with another company.
    I would happily recommend them.
  • Kimitatsu wrote: »
    I used them last month and was very impressed. Sent off the goods to arrive special delivery on Friday and the money was in my account on Tuesday. I was emailed the progress of my order every step of the way, and the guys there were very helpful and very prompt in replying to my queries.

    The ring and earrings I sent came to just under 5g of gold and I got about £70 for them so I was very pleased.

    Its worth noting that they also buy diamonds although you have to email them about that. Most jewellers if you scrapped a diamond ring would not pay you for the stones (according to them they are worthless to them) but HGM will.

    I liked the fact that I could get a quote online BEFORE I sent my goods off - none of this sending it off and then haggling over the price.

    Excellent service, good prices and I would recommend them to others :T

    Thanks for this. I just looked at their site and they say they do NOT return or buy diamonds! :confused: I have emailed them before, and received no answer.
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    Already 4-5 first time posters for HGM :)
  • Well, after reading the reviews on here about HGM i thought they were the one's for me!! And by god were you guys right!! I posted on the Saturday morning and the £560!!!!! was in my bank Tuesday morning. I cannot say enough how much i was pleased by they're fast and professional service. Well done HGM!! :)
  • I have used HGM twice this year and really impressed both times. Posted items special delivery and the following morning received an email confirming how much I was to be paid and the money is in the bank by lunchtime. I got £275 the first time and £185 last month. Very pleased!
    20p Savers Challenge 2015 #64 £31.40
    50p Savers Challenge 2015 #69 £76.50
    Roadkill Rebel 2015 #88 Jan £0.35p
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    • When did you use it November 2009
    • What did you send it old rings, necklaces and earrings (24g worth)
    • How much did it promise you £189
    • How much did it deliver £189
    • How efficient was the service Brilliant! Money sent next working day
    • If it didn't deliver the full amount, what was its reason n/a
    • Anything else other people should know
    I really thought I got a great service from this company. There was plently of email updates and quick payment.

    • When did you use it - October 2009
    • What did you send it - All 9ct gold, some old rings, a gold watch and a couple of chains, I estimated 25g
    • How much did it promise you - £184
    • How much did it deliver - £175
    • How efficient was the service - very efficient, I sent the items off by special delivery and received payment into my bank account within a couple of days
    • If it didn't deliver the full amount, what was its reason - I estimated the weight as 25g and the watch workings had to be excluded from the final weight
    • Anything else other people should know - it's very helpful to know roughly how much you are going to receive before you send it off to them.

  • I used Hatton Garden Metals last month. Found the service VERY easy to use, weighed my gold and posted Special Delivery to them. I had an email the next day after they received the gold and confirmation of the amount to be paid. Was paid direct into my account and was cleared to utilise the next day. Would use again - I also got a higher rate paid than what was shown on the day I filled out the online form - they give you the price on the day they receive, so I too, got a little more than expected! Happy daze!
    Always looking for a bargain!!!:rotfl:
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    Can the mods please confirm all the IP addresses are the same ?:)
  • I used this company in July 09 and sent 9,14,18 carat gold and some mixed that I could not identify
    It worked out to approx £490 without the unidentified - i received £524 in return, which was in my bank account by midday the following day
    I spoke to Gary, who was very helpful and attentive
    My friends have used this company on my recommendation and I will do so again
    Excellent service - well recommended
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